Elected representatives are immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin

At least they are in Normal!

Remember how Mayor Koos shut down Stan Nord over expenses because bills listed have already been paid?

auditor rubber stamp

Auditors make sure the numbers are in the right columns and the required footnotes and disclosures are included in financial statements.

The don’t look for fraud and they certainly don’t make laws!

There is more:

Want to start a business in Normal and just have a few questions?  Don’t contact a Trustee!  The City Manager wants everything to go through the Economic Development Council – not an elected representative.  I wonder if the EDC screens them for the “right fit”.

train business

Do you understand yet government is a private club where plebs aren’t allowed?

Sit down – Shut up – pay your taxes

This is why Chris Koos tries to silence Stan Nord and Karyn Smith.

This is why Connect Transit isn’t listening and the working group was created to deflect criticism.

This is why the sports complex is back.

Help is on the way:

Posted on Facebook last night:

marc 1marc 2

Email received by FOIA:

Stan asked who the stakeholders are concerning the sports complex: 

behind complex

Contact your elected representatives anyway.  These people see dollar signs, the same dollar signs that got the Coliseum built and the BCPA.  The same dollars signs that got Normal buried in debt for Uptown and paying excessive rent at 1 Uptown Circle.  

There is no end to what this group wants to force you to pay for.

Sit down – Shut up – pay your taxes

Or do something about it!

8 thoughts on “Elected representatives are immaterial

  1. Does Pam want to avoid transparency and Public Record? Sure does sound like it. I wonder if Koos’ buddy who was going to get the $100 month rent contacted the EDC FIRST. I’m starting to feel like Pam should not only resign but maybe she should be in jail…wonder if she has any horses?


  2. In addition to a new mayor, we also must make absolutely certain that we dump McCarthy, Cummings and Preston. We need good people to step forward and run against them.

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  3. So stop and think about the sports complex. If we have leagues come in to use this “public” venture when will ordinary citizens have time to use it? And how much will it cost for citizens to use it? ISU and Heartland? They should have no comment in this issue as they already get substantial taxpayer support for their teams. Is this complex going to be for our youth or is it going to be for just the elites? If taxpayers are going to foot the bill for this white elephant it should be used exclusively by the taxpayers not a bunch of out of towners and colleges. They will build it using millions of tax dollars and the kids who need it or want it ,their parents wont be able to afford to go there and use it. Mayor Judy wanted the white elephant downtown so her kid would have somewhere to play hockey,and of course it wont cost the taxpayers one thin dime! We all know how that turned out.

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  4. So the council members dont get a say on what bills to pay? Whoever IS paying the bills can just slip whatever they want to in there and who would know. What a great job to be able to control all the money that comes into Normal and no one looking over your shoulder or questioning it . Does anyone out there see a potential problem there?

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  5. “Does anyone out there see a potential problem there?” Out here, plenty do. In there, apparently just Stan and Karyn. We all need to vote accordingly, and get others to do so too.


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