Rauner using Reagan’s playbook

By: Diane Benjamin

Ronald Reagan defeated the establishment by taking his message to the people.  Today Governor Rauner did the same thing in Bloomington, in fact he is going all over the state taking his message to the citizens.

His favorite line (used over and over): “I don’t care who I make cranky”.

Close to 300 people attended his speech today at the Double Tree, it was standing room only.  Rauner got a standing ovation when he entered and when he left.  There was a small contingent of union members who tried to disrupt his speech, but the vast majority of the crowd supported him.  Expect coverage of the protesters on in the media instead of the content Rauner presented.

Rauner is going after:

  • Workman’s Comp reform
  • Trial lawyers
  • Malpractice laws
  • Lawsuit abuse
  • Election of judges that he thinks rigs the system for trial lawyers
  • Unemployment insurance costs
  • Right to work (Cities or counties decide to pass it)
  • Technical job training in high schools and junior colleges to make 18-20 year-olds ready for work
  • Prevailing wage requirements which make government contracts 20% more expensive
  • Consolidating units of government
  • Conflicts of interest with government unions
  • Term Limits
  • Increased education funding

He thinks 8-10 news laws can put Illinois on a different path.  He wants citizens behind him to help make that happen.

Rauner isn’t done taking his plans to the people who can pressure their representatives to make it happen.

In my opinion, Illinois finally elected the right guy for the job.


7 thoughts on “Rauner using Reagan’s playbook

  1. He needs to knock it off with the “folksy” talk by dropping the “g’s” off of words. He sounds like a fool and he’s not fooling anyone. Nobody care’s if your rich and from Winnetka! Just be yourself and change this state!


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