Bloomington: Mistake or hiding? UPDATE




Details for Bills and Payroll are now posted:

Why does it matter, other than Council is approving over $2 Million in bills?  The Council voted 7-2 at the last meeting to let David Hales spend $50,000 without their approval.  See the next story – I know what they are hiding!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll are approved for payment at every City Council meeting.  An itemize list has always been posted under Bills and Payroll.

Nothing is posted for tonight’s meeting, instead an addendum to the Council agenda is posted.

The usual details are not included.  Is it a mistake or on purpose?  Is the Council going to approve Accounts Payable of $2,197,864.98 with no details?  Are the potted plants going to approve payments without knowing what is being paid?

Below is all they have to vote on:


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