Republican Brady proves that means nothing

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m sure you have heard that Pritzker’s top people are getting a 15% pay increase.  The bill passed the House on January 8th and the Senate on January 9th.

My more than loser Republican rep in the House voted YES:

Thank God he is gone!  I wonder if he is going to work for Pritzker?

See how the entire House voted here:

The Senate was worse because the HEAD of the Republicans in the Senate voted YES.  Our very own (glad he was never governor) Bill Brady.  Syverson was the only other Republican voting Yes.

You are looking at why the GOP is now the extreme minority in Springfield.  The ILGOP leadership doesn’t stand for anything.

The same RINO’s allowed Rauner to lie about Jeanne Ives and she almost beat him anyway.  She would have defeated Pritzker because many Democrats didn’t want the tax cheat.

If you want to know what a real leader sounds like and see REAL news about Springfield, read Jeanne’s farewell letter here:

Of course the ILGOP doesn’t like her – she isn’t a Democrat lite.

Want to know why the Democrats didn’t run anybody against Ol’ Bill?  They LOVE him!








19 thoughts on “Republican Brady proves that means nothing

      1. I understood the headline perfectly, but then I am able to comprehend things quite quickly and easily, unlike those afflicted with TDS…

  1. They sure do love him. Did you see the pictures of his daughters wedding in CHICAGO? Not Bloomington, but Chicago? She was born and raised her. Went to Central Catholic. Her parents still live her. It was quite the soire. As soon as I saw the pictures I knew. Both Brady’s have done ZERO. Except that they (and their wealthy BCC friends) allowed Bloomington and Normal to be handed over to the Radical Democrat Progressive Marxists. Thanks for nothing Bill and Dan.

  2. Billy Bob is Illinois’ version of Mitt Romney. Both empty suits. Illinois must rid itself of anything named Brady.

  3. What are you talking about? Pritzker is paying the 15 percent pay increase for his staff out of his own pocket.
    SB 3531 that passed was about LOTTERY-CAPITAL PROJECTS FUND not any increase in staff pay. If you click on your own link, you’ll see it about the State Lottery:

    Amends the Illinois Lottery Law. Requires the Department of the Lottery to deposit any estimated remaining proceeds from the prior fiscal year (rather than any remaining proceeds) after certain payments and transfers are made, into the Capital Projects Fund, on or before September 30 of each fiscal year (rather than on the last day of each fiscal year). Provides that, beginning in fiscal year 2019, the amount deposited shall be increased or decreased each year by the amount the estimated payment differs from the amount determined from each year-end financial audit. Provides that only remaining net deficits from prior fiscal years may reduce the requirement to deposit the funds, as determined by the annual financial audit. Effective immediately.

  4. Excuse me Pritzker is personally paying his staff the extra 15 percent. Yes, the fact that he’s personally paying those people extra is all over the news. It’s his money, so yes, it’s legal. The extra money will not count towards a pension. As far as 15 percent raise for anyone else, why would any talent work in the public sector for little money, if you could work in the private sector for much more money.

    Chicago Tribune: Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker says he will double top aides’ state salaries using his own money

  5. Nobody believes in public service? Whose fault is that? Tea Partiers who denigrated all government and its institutions. It’s funny that a president who brags how rich he is could probably pay for the wall he wants on his own. But a rich governor stepped up and is paying his staffers the extra money and to you it’s “buying what he wants.”. Let’s see you’re crying about the extra money this would cost, but the governor is paying the 15 percent. What the problem? Apparently there is no pleasing some people.

  6. No, what’s you solution? You’re quick to criticize anything that might be a solution. You don’t want anyone to make more money in a state government position. The fact that all most all other states pay more in salary than Illinois doesn’t seem to register to you. Pritzker is personally paying the difference.

  7. ” Did somebody force them to take the job?”

    How exactly do you think any government runs, especially a state government? By unfilled top administrative jobs because they pay too little?

    “Mitchell says prison directors in California and Texas get about $265,000. The Texas Transportation chief makes $300,000. New York is increasing five cabinet-level salaries to $190,000.” — There’s your “proof”.

    Read more here:

      1. Illinois is NOT bankrupt. Just because Rauner couldn’t get a budget passed for over 3 years, doesn’t make the state “bankrupt”. Why don’t they go where the pay is better? Well, then the state will not have qualified administrators. But you actually don’t care about the state or whether the state has qualified people. You really show circular reasoning, luckily, you’re not in charge. I bet anything if you where qualified and had years of service, you’d ask to be paid your worth. The fact that you think very qualified people should NOT be paid what they are worth speaks volumes.

        1. Now you show your stupidity. How do you know what people are worth? Do you know investment houses are now telling investors not to buy Illinois paper? How about the unfunded liabilities Springfield is doing nothing to fix? How about un-balanced budgets every year that allow Illinois to spend more than they bring in? You are the reason Illinois people are fleeing Illinois – your head is firmly under ground.

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