HUGE day tomorrow

By:  Diane Benjamin


Alderman Kevin Lower’s Town Hall for ALL of Bloomington.  The Mayor and Council aren’t listening, Kevin will.

Lafayette Club 7:00 pm – 1602 S Main Street

18th Congressional District:

Election to replace Aaron Schock

The choice is very easy.  If you love John Boehner and establishment Republicans, Darin LaHood is your choice.  Boehner threw a fundraiser for LaHood in Washington DC.

If you know the country is on the wrong path AND the GOP is doing nothing to change direction, don’t send another bought and paid for representative to DC – Vote for Mike Flynn.  Tell John Boehner and Bruce Rauner that we will pick our own representative and it’s not the one you want to force on us!

Get out and vote, recruit 10 people to join you!  We rarely get the chance to vote for a real conservative here.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

The establishment GOP keeps pushing losers on us (Mitt Romney, John McCain).  Electing Mike Flynn will tell them the 18th Congressional District isn’t going to vote for Jeb Bush.  No dynasties, No RINO’s!




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