Dump Rauner for Jeanne Ives

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bruce Rauner has accomplished little for Illinois, now add he declared Illinois a sanctuary state and forced pro-life people to pay for abortions.  He is mistaken to believe his base will support him for another 4 years.  We have been betrayed by Rauner and we will not forget.

We have a better candidate:  Jeanne Ives.

Read about Ives here:  Ives – BIO – 2017

FRIDAY Jeanne Ives will be on the Cities 92.9 with Ben Yount at 4:30.  After, she will be at the Stivers and Gramm law office at 820 E Grove.  Come out and meet Jeanne and sign her petitions.

The Ives candidacy is a grassroots effort to elect people who share our values.  Bruce Rauner doesn’t. 

Because its grassroots, problems can occur.  One did:

If you have downloaded a petition for Jeanne Ives, the previous version transposed a number in her running mates address.  Please destroy those and download the corrected version here:     Download Petition Here


Ives needs 10,000 signatures by November 20th, together we can do this.

4 thoughts on “Dump Rauner for Jeanne Ives

  1. Diane, Can you publish any info about her running mate? Never heard of him but I assume he too is from No IL?


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  2. Yeah. Replace an abortion supporter with an LBGTQ and anti-public school charlatan. I voted Libertarian in the last gubernatorial race; looks like I will be voting for Kash Jackson or Matt Scaro. At least I don’t have to hear about them talking about BS such as limiting equality. Conservatives are turning into authoritarian nationalists. Didn’t used to be that way but then again I thought people would be smart enough to not support Trump. Woe be to the country who trades life, liberty, and happiness for ethno-nationalism, the police state, and theocracy.


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