Bruce Rauner is a LIAR!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m still running into people who have fallen for the lies the media is allowing Bruce Rauner to spew about Jeanne Ives!

Ask yourself why she would run against Rauner if she is in Madigan’s pocket?

Rauner gave Madigan everything he wanted:

  • Income tax increase
  • Illinois made a Sanctuary State
  • taxpayer-funded abortions!

Bruce Rauner shriveled before Madigan!

If you are pro-life or you don’t think you should be forced to pay for killing babies – Jeanne Ives is the ONLY candidate for governor who agrees with you.  NARAL (pro abortion) sent this out, it has nothing to do with women’s health:

If you are not going to vote in the primary you ARE the problem!

You are giving up your right to decide who is on the ballot in November.  Hint: if it’s Bruce he will lose.

You will be letting the media decide who represents the Republican Party because money is more important to them than the State of Illinois and the country!

You will also be giving up your right to term limit people who have been in office for too long.

Mike Madigan wants you to stay home.  He wants the same useless Republicans re-elected.  He also does not want the corrupt JB going up against Ives!



9 thoughts on “Bruce Rauner is a LIAR!

  1. If the people of Illinois are dumb enough to take Rauner at his word in his dirty rotten slimy campaign ads after four years of his lies, then they are clearly too stupid to be voting. Stay home on election day! Rauner hasn’t the character to be governor.

    For the rest of Illinois Republicans what do you have to loose by voting for Jeanne Ives? Rauner’s strategy to do nothing, but try to take Madigan out and then repair the damage later isn’t working. Madigan is not going anywhere and if he does he’ll have a successor. If Rauner’s the nominee he will go the same route as Mark Kirk. At least with Ives we have a new face and a new leader with new hope and a chance.

    Finally for our local Republican leadership, yea you Dan Brady and Billy Bob Brady, it’s time for you to tell your friend Brucie that his pants are on fire and to clean up his campaign. While you’re at it you might want to head to Holy Trinity for confession with your priest. Bruce lied to a Cardinal and two Bishops about his stand on abortion. How do you two clowns square that with your faith?


  2. While I agree Rauner is a liar he did not go along with the income tax increase. It was passed over Rauner’s veto.


  3. Who cares about governor? Not I as the work that needs to be done is to remove the democrats and Madigan’s majority. Once that is done maybe things can change. BTW how does an overridden veto make one the person who gave Madigan his tax increase. Rise above what you are accusing others of doing.


    1. Removing Democrats is not the answer when and if they if they get replaced with Republicans like Rauner.

      Look, we keep sending the same Republican clowns to Springfield year after year and all they do is blame Mike Madigan for the state’s problems, never taking any responsibility for the mess we’re in. I’m tried of this approach. Dan Brady has been in the state legislature for 18 years. Eighteen years! At some point we’ve got to stop and ask if he’s part of the solution or part of the problem. Four more years of Rauner and the Brady bunch is just going to further exasperate the problems this state is in. They have no solutions. None!

      Time to drain the swamp in Illinois!


  4. I don’t care who wins. My wife and I are moving to Columbus Indiana. We have had it with Illinois, Bloomington and State Farm. I got a better job at Cummins.

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