Welcoming Ordinance emails

By: Diane Benjamin

These emails were received by FOIA:

I have many emails against the Welcoming Ordinance.  This one shows the thinking of people wanting the ordinance.

If you believe government performs services better than the private sector, you are dead wrong.  The private sector has to compete for your business, government just taxes you more.  If the private sector “wasn’t accountable” the private sector wouldn’t exist in any form.  Government is the problem, not the solution.

This email expresses the thoughts of many others:

Alderman Joni Painter gets it right.  

Most of the emails I received supporting the Welcoming Ordinance were from Illinois Peoples’s Action and the YWCA, very few unaffiliated people.

Yes, they want anarchy where laws don’t matter.


9 thoughts on “Welcoming Ordinance emails

  1. Nice work, Diane! It’s clear that the voices for the ordinance are that of a couple of well-organized, ideological-driven groups. The average citizen is opposed to this measure in whole or at the very least in part (i.e. preventing local law enforcement from coordinating with the feds on more complex, multi-jurisdictional matters). Say, any thoughts on FOIA-ing local government emails regarding State Farm? There’s clearly a coverage up by the Mayor and the City Council.


    1. You actually think the Mayor you berate on a regular basis has the capacity to cover up layoffs at a local Fortune 500 company? Which is it? He’s incompetent or a master mind?


  2. I really enjoy your reporting and your doggedness in keeping people honest. That said, everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it differs from yours. I am sure there were many emails on both sides of this issue as there are with all issues.



    1. @Tom—so true that there are two sides to every issue. Unfortunately, traditional local media has not reported about those who oppose the Welcoming Ordinance. Many who oppose it are fearful of retaliation from the activists who do support the ordinance.

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  3. Diane I just don’t get it. I really don’t. Why do liberals want sanctuary cities and states? Do they want to destroy our country? Are they blind to the harm they do? The stupidity of it?

    Or, is the real intention to destroy the white majority and what it’s accomplished? The only reason I can decipher is the latter, which also explains the encouragement to NOT assimilate and the “celebration of diversity”.

    I become just as alienated by all this as I did to our treatment when I can home from VietNam. Then I realise they are them same folks! The liberals that marched, protested, and spit on the returning soldiers, or their liberal spawn, are the people championing progressive liberalism—communism— today.

    Thank you for what you do. It’s nice to know there’s a right thinking person left with the energy to resist these Bolsheviks.

    Bob Rebbec


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