Update: Fly on the Wall: State Farm

Update:  4/2/18

Company video this morning with no Tipsword and no mention of him either.  Hum


Flying around, chatter was heard about Ed Rust returning to State Farm briefly to confront Tipsword and Senior Management on how they are handling things.  Word on the street is Rust was escorted out of the building.

Lots of tears were shed yesterday when terminations reached Facilities personnel.

Looks like local governments are in complete denial.

28 thoughts on “Update: Fly on the Wall: State Farm

  1. Wow! Just wow! Go easy on our leaders, Diane. I think Tari is busy working on development plans for the ghost town, er…Downtown. The chamber president was attending the ribbon-cutting for a birdfeeder, while the EDC is on the hunt for a tier 1 retailer to move into Eastland Mall. “Bloomington-Normal is on the move!” – said no rational taxpaying citizen.

    1. This is what I would call a mass psychosis which I named a few years back as, “It can’t happen here”. Apparently even while it is actually happening here (layoffs of State Farm and the economic demise of Bloomington/Normal), our leadership still clings to their set of ideas that we are invulnerable to the economic realities that the rest of the world clearly understands.

  2. So sad. All that $$ spent to create plans. No one gave a thought that circumstances might change. Where is Plan B?

  3. Bloomington 3 point NO!
    Going , Going, GONE!
    Oh goodness NOW who will use those bicycle lanes, OSF people? OH, I know, Starbucks and Krispy Kreme customers.

  4. CEO position was given to him by Ed Rust on the promise that he would end an affair. Rumor has it that Tipsword was fired due to an affair- his second affair.

      1. Where is this information coming from? I find it hard to believe.

        On another note, most companies think that having the same person as president, CEO, and chairman is a terrible idea. Tipsord holds all three positions.

  5. I know the cuts were pretty deep, some people who had been there many years as well. I need to pop into Eastland and see the condition of that ghost town, perhaps they could start renting it for low budget movie sets, you know Zombie Apocalypse type things or the like or it could be a killer Haunted House/Haunted Mall or turn it into low rent apartments like some places have done – but naw, all of those things sort of make some sense – none of those will happen here.

      1. Great……………sort of like all of the “student housing” around ISU. Oh well I think they are busy trying to throw little old ladies out of their houses so they can suck those up for more “mayor’s manor” type undertakings for the “chosen poor”. Luxury Condos, at Eastland? I will remember and I don’t doubt it a bit – Are they going for one of those self contained town type things like China has tried, where the people live, work, and shop and eat all in one big covered complex?

      2. Omg!!! My husband also said to make the place into condo!
        Every store has a bathroom 🙂
        Just need some windows! 🙂

    1. I would love to see a re-boot of the Blues Brothers. They’d need a vacant mall for the first chase scene. About all it’s good for.

      1. Ronin: self contained communities-here we come!! Become educated on Agenda 21/2030-the plans are in the works!!!

  6. So, the Titanic might have a new captain on the bridge. There’s still the matter of the iceberg and the gaping hole in the ship.

  7. Shame on you, Diane, for allowing such false salacious and malicious material on your site. You traditionally provide more thoughtful reporting and analysis. You really missed on this one… “ any second now”?? No visible white smoke coming from Big Red’s tower. Can we expect a retraction? Seems as if it is all unfounded rumors. Your loyal readers and contributors deserve better than innuendo and fake news.

    1. Diane. You state in your post on Nikita Richards “facts matter. “. I agree with your assessment on her Facebook post. Why, though, are you blantanly ignoring the facts with State Farm? What basis do you have for the rumors you publish? You are only diminishing your impact if you cannot back up your story with facts, because, as you say, they matter. And not just when it is convenient for you to prove your point or to be unwilling to admit you may be wrong.

      1. Sort out the facts from the fiction here on the State Farm Layoff site https://www.thelayoff.com/state-farm Here is the picture painted for you – thousands of people right now are in crisis. Their employer has turned on them. They are scared. They live each day wondering when the ax of a layoff is going to fall on them. Read just a few of the posts and search for the “facts” about this situation or perhaps you are just gaslighting a truth teller?

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