If you are voting GOP . . .

Evidently the Republican judge who did sit on the Appellate Court Fourth Judicial District died in office.  His death did not allow another candidate to gather signatures to replace him.

The GOP is asking you to write in Pete Cavanagh – don’t forget to blacken the circle in front of the blank line.

If he doesn’t receive upwards of 1000 write-ins, there won’t be a Republican on the November ballot.

See why voting early is a mistake?

Jeanne Ives may be in town on Friday afternoon for a Meet and Greet.  I will post details when I have them.






6 thoughts on “If you are voting GOP . . .

  1. Haven’t received anything via email or mail, as of yet. Have heard that the Lincoln Courier hasn’t published the GOP Ballot. Seems like the people of Logan County remain in the dark! I’ve started spreading the word to others about the write in.


  2. Learn something new every day. I went to the site for the ballot, but never thought about checking for write in candidates & yes, the info is there, but not everyone has a computer, so those who don’t would not have access to this info. Noted that there 5 precincts with democrat write-ins for precinct committeeman.


  3. Fast forward.
    We shouldn’t forget Judge Foley and her affair who’s term is up in December 2018.

    She shouldn’t be a judge again. Throw her out!!!


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