Jeanne Ives here FRIDAY

Jeanne Ives will be in Bloomington for a Meet and Greet Friday at 4:30.

She will be at the Law Offices of Stivers and Gramm – 820 E Grove St until 6:00

If she loses on March 20th – say hello to a Democrat Governor in November.  Rauner has destroyed what little credibility he had left.

That goes for any candidates running who still support him too.  (and those who refuse to say who they support)


12 thoughts on “Jeanne Ives here FRIDAY

  1. Stivers and Gramm. Figures. I wonder if Ives will be as successful as Ian Bayne, who this law firm supported and hosted on multiple occasions. I hope the Stivers and Gramm stench doesn’t wear off on Ives. Her extremism is great for Democrats. I hope she wins.


  2. Wow, I know it is important to have advertising to keep things going. But an unfortunate irony has occurred. The ad that came up for this story (at least when I read it) was one of your favorites. It was the Ives is Madigan’s favorite republican. Doubt you have any control on “random run of schedule ads” but thought you might want to know.


      1. ROS ads can be brutal…TV has them and that is why you see Rauner ads running right after one for Ives or Pritzker. (For 5that matter competing car brands) It is the luck? of the draw, and with the massive amount of money being spent resulting in so many ads it is more likely to happen.


    1. Those ads are selected based on complex automated algorithms that take into account the post’s contents, your browsing history, and whatever else google has on you. They are not under Diane’s control. Personally, I enjoy seeing what sort of ads are displayed. They frequently give me a good laugh (like the Ives is Madigans pet).

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    1. They’re too busy following Dan Biss. He was at ISU a while back and after his rant on the Quad, he led students to the Bone Student Center for early boating. After promising them the moon, the stars and everything in-between we all know the rest of the story. Big story in the Pravdagraph.


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