If you are voting GOP . . .

Evidently the Republican judge who did sit on the Appellate Court Fourth Judicial District died in office.  His death did not allow another candidate to gather signatures to replace him. The GOP is asking you to write in Pete Cavanagh – don’t forget to blacken the circle in front of the blank line. If he […]

FRIDAY: GOP AG candidate in town

By:  Diane Benjamin Election season is heating up – it’s your JOB to know the candidates before you vote! I’m not sold on Erika Herald as the GOP candidate for Attorney General, mostly because she is backed by Bruce Rauner. Side note:  Why would anyone vote for Rauner when we KNOW he will lose in […]

1st Poll results and new poll

By:  Diane Benjamin Enough people have voted in the first poll of GOP Presidential candidates to show you the results.  These were people from an email list of conservative voters. Click on the picture to make it bigger. If you are planning to vote in the GOP primary in March, you can now vote.  If […]