Nikita wanted a Democrat disenfranchised!

By:  Diane Benjamin

If early voting had been started on February 8th, a Democrat running for Attorney General could have been disenfranchised.  Scott Drury won in court and will be on the ballot.

How many early voters would not have voted for him because he might be kicked off the ballot?  How many people have even looked at their ballot 40 days before an election?

Early voting will start on February 20th.  The actual election is March 20th.

I wonder if the community bus is ready to transport the uninformed to the polls to vote early?  A LOT of news will be out between now and March 20th early voting can lead to big regrets.

The media may have reached a new low.  WGLT created a CLOSED Facebook page called Elections 2018 in McLean County.  They will “lightly” moderate it.  First you have to kneel and ask permission to join the group however.   Maybe WGLT will let us know who can’t join.  If anybody can join, why is the group closed?

Get ready for silly season fun to begin.  Bruce Rauner has sent multiple flyers claiming Jeanne Ives is Madigan’s candidate.  He must really think the voters are stupid.

Lies will intensify on all sides as we get closer to March 20th.  We’ve got some fun races shaping up locally, will leftist or off-the-chart leftist win?

Please don’t early vote until you know ever race on your ballot.  I don’t want to hear:  I don’t want to declare a party either!  Eating beef doesn’t make you a cow – picking which primary to vote in doesn’t make you a member of any political party either.  Illinois doesn’t have registered members of any party.

Get out and vote against the people you don’t want to see on the ballot in November.  It’s Term Limits time.

The Bloomington Election Commission hasn’t posted a specimen ballot yet.  Funny how voting was supposed to start 40 days before the election but their site says the ballot will be posted 30 days before the election.  Nikita?  It will be here:

Outside of Bloomington, pull out your Voter ID card and look up you ballot here:

There is also a non-partisan ballot for referendums.

Get informed!

Staying home isn’t an option, neither is voting uniformed.





4 thoughts on “Nikita wanted a Democrat disenfranchised!

  1. Every day this week I have received the “Citizens for Rauner” flyer in the mail. I think this shows how afraid he is of Ives and is worried of losing.


  2. 1. Please do not vote for Nikita. Not now, not ever. She just wants to break laws and she is being mentored by the likes of Tari Renner and Amelia Buragas. Both individuals whose character I call into question almost daily.
    2. Shayna whatever her last name is… no. If you must get a democratic ballot then vote for Segobiono. I don’t say that lightly because we really need to get new blood on the Board, but at least he was not born and bread by the likes of Mike Matejka and Tari Renner.
    3. If you haven’t checked Jeanne Ives, please do. Then vote for her. Even if you may not agree with some of her social beliefs…she will fight corruption in Illinois. She will work harder than anyone else to destroy corruption and start holding the establishment accountable. She needs your vote in the Primary. If you vote for Rauner in the primary you may as well just get a democratic ballot.


    1. I do plan on voting for Ives and I am gonna hope and pray she can also defeat whatever socialist/progressive piece of work the left puts up against her – she will need a VERY united downstate to defeat the silly Lake Loons in and around Chicago. The problem is places like Champaign-Urbana and BloNo with their student populations that are heavily laden with wide eyed, easily duped and not too well informed leftist fledglings.

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