Things that don’t need a whole story

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois Supreme Court just ruled Danville is responsible for injuries a woman sustained because she tripped on an uneven sidewalk: If government stuck to essential services, like maintaining sidewalks, they wouldn’t have a problem.  Bloomington has a BIG one. ____________________________________________ WGLT held a forum to discuss local media last week.  […]

Nikita wanted a Democrat disenfranchised!

By:  Diane Benjamin If early voting had been started on February 8th, a Democrat running for Attorney General could have been disenfranchised.  Scott Drury won in court and will be on the ballot. How many early voters would not have voted for him because he might be kicked off the ballot?  How many people have […]

Community (Organizing) Bus

By:  Diane Benjamin Connect Transit can not cover wages with what people pay to ride the bus.  Every month operations loses around $800,000 – that’s EVERY month. That is taxpayer money being used to drive empty buses around town!  Next to bike lanes without bikes, buses are an abomination to anyone who pays taxes.  Government’s […]