Pantagraph: Too late

By:  Diane Benjamin

Did the Pantagraph chastise Tari Renner when he attacked Judy Stearns with a WRITTEN prepared statement in 2014?  I sure don’t remember it.

This video is up to 11,150 views:

If the Pantagraph has cared in 2014 maybe this clown wouldn’t be mayor now.

The Editorial staff must finally be at least a little sick of Tari – today they jeered him.  Better late than never?  I wonder if the Pantagraph has called the Appellate Court Prosecutor to find out when they are going to do their job?  Pekin’s mayor was prosecuted for the same thing.  Is somebody, oh maybe Dick Durbin, protecting Tari?  Does the media care?

Tari has a L O N G history of inappropriate behavior during meetings.  Why did they jeer this one?

From today:



7 thoughts on “Pantagraph: Too late

  1. “Jeers” is merely another slap on the wrist. Renner doesn’t care as he is a wreckless fool that eventually he’ll take it one step too far that the media and/or the IWU connections won’t be able to help at which time the rats will jump ship. People like him eventually destroy themselves. The sooner the better.


  2. The Pantagraph helped create and I’m prey sure endorsed this behavior! Remember my public comment about the codependent corruption machine? Yeah. I said it and I stand by it.

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    1. “codependent corruption machine” Absolutely brilliant phrase, Angela! And a 100% accurate description of what passes for City Government in Bloomington and Normal.


  3. I wonder if Tari is somehow related to that McDonalds worker in UPTOWN who had the “chat” with a State Trooper? Seems they have the same demeanor!!
    As for the Pantagraph “jeering” Tari. Too LITTLE, too LATE!

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  4. I just watched the video again! I do believe there will be direct quotes at the next City Council Meeting! I also read the Fraker editorial in the Pantagraph from yesterday. Where were they 4 Years ago? I agree with them, but their editorial is a little late. Finally, Karen Schmidt has to be removed as Mayor Pro Tem. The only reason Tari is going down now is because if his abhorrent behavior. He and Karen share the very same Matejka Agenda. Karen said not a word as Tari relentlessly attacked Judy. She in fact played a part in trying to attach Judy with the accessors mistake when Karen herself was doing the VERY SAME THING!


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