Downtown Task Force is back

By:  Diane Benjamin

The report from Tari’s Downtown Task Force is back on the agenda for Monday – minus moving the library and tearing down a parking garage.

One question that won’t be asked or answered:

The current downtown businesses didn’t care enough about downtown to fund the Downtown Bloomington Association.  The City took over the DBA and hired the staff instead.  If the current businesses downtown didn’t care, why should everybody else?

The entire report and pretty pictures of their vision starts on PDF page 11.

Below is a summary of what they will discuss from PDF page 9:








  1. BN Deserves Better says:

    The Downtown is irrelevant to the local economy. Why is the Council spending 99% of its time discussing what is effectively less than 1% of our economy? Also, if the downtown crybabies would spend less time whining for taxpayer money and more time on their businesses, maybe downtown could have a shot at growth.

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    • Maybe if they could come up with some ideas that had wider appeal it would help. The place is over run with “art galleries” yoga studios and other niche type places that all seem to appeal to the same 1-2% of the population. IMO, the only places “downtown” that are viable are Elroy’s, Maguires, (and a couple other bars) Windy City Wieners, Poblano Burrito, Golden Dragon (marginal), The Castle, and CVS. The rest is drek, and caters mostly to the small percentage of “higher-ups” who fancy themselves fancy schmancy and the like. Without those places I just mentioned, downtown would truly be a ghost town and when State Farm leaves that area it will be very apparent.


      • BN Deserves Better says:

        100% agree. These niche businesses want to change the population, rather than let the market dictate the actual demand. Like at Green Top Grocery. Again, trying to change people and the market through government. It doesn’t work. People see right through the Downtown charade.The market is the ultimate judge.


  2. @BN Deserves better – agreed. And Green Top…. oh, don’t even get me started on THAT thing – and this is coming from someone who DOES eat very healthy, I just don’t buy anything at Green Top, why would I need to? This of course puts me in the VAST majority.


    • Angela Scott says:

      Fun Fact: Stacy Tutt and Amelia Buragas met at Green Top to discuss the Down Town Task Force and Land Trusts. The Elite do value those hot spots!


      • Oh very much so, those places are their babies. They created them, and THEY nurture them and try to make other people believe that their little darlings are the most brilliant and talented kids in town, when in reality, they’re simply NOT.


  3. Cool! Public restrooms. Now the homeless won’t have to “go” in doorways anymore.

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  4. This was the plan all along when the Task Force was planned. If you recall, the final report was to be done prior to budget discussions so as to include their recommendations.

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  5. Does Green Top have to publish a financial report for it’s “shareholders” ?? I’d like to see the numbers.
    As for downtown, YEP, let the free economy figure it out. You could fund ALL kinds of business there, but IF they aren’t profitable, then it’s just another financial blunder..


  6. debra jeakins says:

    And the definition of insanity is: Doing something over and over and expecting a change.


  7. Angela Scott says:

    I’m going Monday. I will ask the question verbatim.

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