Race Baiting Nikita Richards

By:  Diane Benjamin

This post appeared today on Nikita Richard’s personal Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/nikita.richards.9

Facts matter Nikita.  You need some.

Yes the victims in the first few bombing were black.  The victims of the trip wire bomb were both white.  The latest bomb was in a FedEx facility.  How is that targeting prominent Black families?

It is #DomesticTerrorism but her accusations that prominent black families are the target is obviously race baiting since the last two disprove her logic.  Evil does exist and the bombing are evil.  Stating race is the reason when the facts don’t support it shows victim-hood controls her thoughts.

Many of Nikita’s posts are about race.

Nikita needs to explain why McLean County needs a race baiter handling elections and the other duties the County Clerk performs.

No, I don’t have time to troll radical’s Facebook pages.  It was sent to me by someone who saw it.  It’s appalling a candidate for County office has this mentality.








  1. No surprise there, people like Nikita tend to jump first and then not even care to know the rest of the story and when the REAL story comes out they just continue on with spreading their initial misconception – Oh and there are people of EVERY race who do that, so that’s no slam on any one race. It’s time to stop bringing race into EVERYTHING and anything, and correct, people with this mentality and attitude have NO business in any position of authority or power.


  2. old stanky says:

    Comments like hers with no facts for back up, is a BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM! Domestic terrorism my astrolabe, it’s some idiot with mental issues. Geesh lady, settle down!


  3. Kilkenny says:

    The FBl has not ruled out either hate crimes or terrorism. Unless you know more than the FBI or the ATF, then shut up. It is not “race baiting” to consider the targets could be racially motivated. The FBI knows more than you or anyone on this forum, until the FBI property profiles the person who is responsible your speculation is not relevant or even knowledgeable..


    • Oh really, you are part of the problem that has created the racial divide in this country. What do the words “could be” mean? Nothing until the true facts are known. Then the words “It is now known” are said which then means something. Until then people like you needlessly stir the pot. Disgusting.


    • sticky bean says:

      LMAO at Kilkenny comment.


      • I started laughing a little at the FBI part – Doess/he mean FBI like the oh so illustrious James Comey, and Boston Blackie, er I mean Robert Mueller.


  4. YEP! It’s race related! WHOEVER it is they DON’T like BROWN packages!! Or maybe they don’t have the time to take their excess explosives to the “yearly” drop off and expose of them safely. Maybe it’s a government conspiracy? Now if the DEMOCRATS were on the ball, it’d DEFINITELY be the Russians… What, whoever it is, needs to be found… And people calling it ANYTHING at this point don’t help matters. DON’T P***OFF the crazy people!!


  5. Kilkenny says:

    We don’t the motive of the bomber or bombers. The FBI IF the
    knows aren’t saying anything currently as to not tip off the offender . It appears that the commenters here are making it about race not me. The fact that Russians interfered in our election is a fact. How am I creating a racial divide? Government conspiracy? Jeez Townie your logic is off base and crazier than anything I said.


    • Russians have been trying to affect our elections for decades. There is no proof they changed a single vote. I love how the media pretends the US never interferes in elections in other countries. Russia is nothing more than an excuse for Hillary losing.


      • Exactly – also it’s not like they (the RUSSIANS!) did anything like Obama did in Israel, or like Ted Kennedy did to Reagan or numerous other examples throughout history. The Russians also try to interfere in European elections, it’s just what they do. Why didn’t Obama do anything about it? OH that’s right I’m sure “nobody told him” I mean he had so much more flexibility after his election and all one would think he would have the ways and means to put a stop to it – oh that’s right he told Putin to “knock it off” I LMAO at that one. Thing is, YES the whole Russian farce has been because the Mighty Hillary struck out and there was no joy in Mudville aka the Deep State.

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  6. BN Deserves Better says:

    At least she’s not blaming racists for her loss…at least not yet.

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  7. Kilkenny says:

    I didn’t say they changed votes. The Russians did hack Illinois voter rolls along with some 25 other states. They also hacked our electrical grid and could have overloaded or turned it off totally. The aim of the Russians was to sow doubt in our institutions and our Democracy. Obama isn’t president. He certainly did more than the current president. He expelled spies and instituted sanctions.

    Didn’t Trump call Putin to congratulate him for his win? Wasn’t Trump emphatically told not to do so? Russian farce? Yeah sure, until they turn your lights off and wipe your name off the voter rolls.


    • Obama congratulated him too! Where do you have proof the Russians hacked the voter rolls, and if they did what proof do you have it mattered? It did get hacked, you are assuming it was Russians. Didn’t that happen when obama was president?


  8. Kilkenny says:

    Where do I have proof? Read newspapers. Why does it matter?They can do it again in the 2018 election. 17 national security agencies know for sure it was the Russians. The Brish know it was Russians, Putin successfully used a nerve agent to poison a former spy on British soil.

    Obama waited days to call Putin. He didn’t congratulate him. Again Trump is president and has been president for over a year. He has done nothing to mitigate this threat to our security and our Democracy.


  9. We’re not a Democracy? Oh, right. Excuse me

    didn’t know that we were getting so technical. We are a Republic were we Democratically elect our presidents and representatives. Happy? It’s world of difference between 2012 and 2016. Putin has continued his fixed elelections in Russia and interfered in our elections. Obama did wait days to call Putin. Trump went against all of his advisors and security briefs in not only calling Putin, but congraduating him about his
    dictatorship. I have all the newspapers and resources I need.



  10. 11 Lousy Votes says:

    Your newspapers LIE!!!!


  11. Kilkenny says:

    My newspapers lie? Gee, Putin did fix his own election. Russia did interfere in our 2016 election. They have did hack our voter rolls, our electrical grid and much more. Every single intelligence agency we have have confirmed that it not only happened, but it will happen again in the 2018 election.

    Not only that, the Austin serial bomber was a white home schooled Christian who blew himself up when police were closing in on him. The FBI has not ruled out race as a factor in th the terrorist bombing. Perhaps you live in an alternate reality?


    • They haven’t confirmed it either. Remember the two WHITE guys who were injured? Nobody can say Russia had any affect on the elections. The machines can’t be hacked. The choice in 2016 was really clear: (1)Criminal (2)Pervert. The pervert was chosen. Putin is in another country if you haven’t noticed. I know it’s hard to understand the rules we live by don’t apply to him. When you see somebody stuffing ballot boxes (outside Chicago), let me know.


  12. Kilkenny says:

    Russia’s Putin DID affect the election. Through manipulation of Facebook and Twitter and the internet . The fact that they hacked our voter rolls should horrify you. The fact that they were able to do so should give you pause. What if in the November election you go to vote only to find out your name is mysteriously gone? Or they attack our electrical grid on Election Day?

    Putin is in another country? Then why is he doing everything to subvert our elections?.
    As I stated before there is a world of difference between 2012 and 2018. We as a country need to confront these threats not deny them. Our current president is doing nothing. Congratulating a strongman from a fixed election sends a wrong message.

    Your remark about ballot boxes outside of Chicago is uncalled for, voter fraud and ballot stuffing does not happen. Your attempt to try to sow doubts about our institutions really plays into the hands of those who want discord and division.


    • Illinois has same day registration. Everything you mentioned happened under obama. What did he do about it? Why were Illinois voter roles not protected? Putin’s didn’t defeat Hillary, she was an awful candidate and Dems need an excuse!


  13. Kilkenny says:

    What did Obama do about it? He went to Ryan and McConnell and asked them to issue a joint statement about Russian interference. McConnnell stated that he would consider that presidential interference and refused to do anything in Congress. Obama was doing a balancing act with the 2016 election, trying not to interfere or tip the election either way.

    Why were Illinois voter rolls not protected? They’re on computer systems that can be hacked just like the 25 other states that were hacked. Where did I say Putin defeated Hillary Clinton? I didn’t. She wasn’t a “horrible” candidate, she in fact won the popular vote by 3 million. Trump was voted in by a very narrow Electoral College win by approximately 75,000 votes in three states.

    The Russians specifically targeted those states with fake Facebook post and online bots that where located in Moscow. Since most people wait until the last minute to figure out who they will vote for, these fake social media accounts played an oversized role in the 2016 election. Putin has tried to interfere in other countries elections, from France to Germany. His aim is to weaken Western democracies and sow doubts about their government. For relatively little money and no consequences, he he has succeeded. The question is what is Trump going to do? He’s the president now, not Obama.


  14. Kilkenny says:

    Unemployment rates are currently low. They went from a high of 10 percent in 2008 to 4.9 percent in 2016 when Obama left office. The economy was strong under Obama. Trump’s ruinous tariffs and Republican out of control spending will tank our healthy economy . Keep believing what ever you want. Those of us in the real world know what happened in 2016 election.


    • Nice try. The labor force participation rate dropped to unbelievable lows. Food stamps recipients were the highest ever! Unemployment dropped because unemployment insurance ran out and people quit looking for work. Economic growth barely existed. He will go down in history as the worst President ever.


  15. Excuse me, you are entitled to your opinions not your own facts. When Obama came into office we were losing over 750,000 jobs a week. When he left office we were gaining jobs at a rate of 250,000 jobs a month and more. The unemployment rate went from a high of 10 percent to 4.9 percent. SNAP participants are down since the depths of the 2008 depression. Obama rescued the economy, handing Trump a solid finances and a rising stock market.

    Since Trump has come to office, he has add trillions to the deficit, with unnecessary tax cuts, started a trade war and signed a budget that will add more to our debt. The stock market is plunging. When the Trump recession hits and unemployment really goes up higher than 10 percent, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Obama will make out well in the history books. He is currently at number 8 on the list of presidents rated by historians. Trump?Not so much.


    • Thanks for the comedy. Facts do matter – you read yours off a left wing site trying to rewrite history. If the economy was great Hillary would be President because people would want her to continue the prosperity. They didn’t like the Obama prosperity because it only existed for his friends.


  16. Kilkenny says:

    Well yes facts DO matter. If you not believe me, then believe the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate is 4.1. It doesn’t follow that Hillary would be president since the current occupant lied through his teeth to his base. again when the economy tanks because of his bone headed moves, you’ll be wondering what hit you.

    Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment rate and jobs added: https://www.bls.gov/cps/


  17. Kilkenny says:

    Yeah sure, if you think cutting taxes, a massive out of control budget, a trade war where the things you buy will go up, then I have a Trumpian bridge to sell you. Now there’s a comedy. Your complaints about Bloomington and Normal spending is chump change compared to the Trump economy. I’m hopeless? You’re clueless.


  18. Kilkenny says:

    What ever that means. In couple of years when the food and products you purchase go through the roof, and those jobs that Trump lied about don’t magically materialize, You’ll be wishing for the calm of 2015. That is if Trump doesn’t start a nuclear war with North Korea.


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