Grown men crying

By:  Diane Benjamin

I wish video existed at Tom Hamilton’s last meeting of the Bloomington City Council.  I’m betting the accolades were so sugary sweet the then Council and mayor risked diabetes.  I’m betting nobody mentioned The Grove or the never used fire station or the unusable water tower built during his tenure.  I’m betting nobody mentioned his massive “public service” pension either.

Last night was Mark Peterson’s last meeting.  Starting with Chris Koos, the entire Council shoveled praise for Peterson’s visionary reign.  Nobody mentioned his failure to budget pension expenses so property taxes can be raised every year at the last minute.  I’m sure more items will come to light in the coming years.

This video is history that should be bookmarked.  It’s a record of your representatives believing government creates prosperity with your money.  It does create prosperity for retired City Managers though.

Koos could barely get through his comments at the beginning, Peterson had even more difficulty.  Peterson’s comments start around 1:14:35.  In between are comments ranging from adoration to self-serving.  Jeff Fritzen needs to be replaced.  Since he claims he doesn’t read “blogs”, he won’t know I said that.

Just hit play.



11 thoughts on “Grown men crying

  1. Mark Peterson is a Koos’ bully who goes around and enforces, er…I mean “shares” the town government’s vision, which is your wallet. Seriously, he’s a very mean and cold person that helps Koos impose his will on the community. Diane – You are spot on. History will not judge Peterson or Koos kindly.


    1. Mean and cold. I believe you. Too bad all these idiots on the council can’t see it. Will his successor be the same way?


  2. These people are all loathsome idiots. People I hate, despise, and disrespect. All brought in to destroy the Town of Normal (and a similar group in Bloomington destroying that city.)


    1. Brought in? You mean elected, right Fedup? Be the change. Run for office, Fedup. Town Council Members hire and fire the City Manager. #democracy


  3. I’ve been around these sort of people, (and a few of the actual local ones as well) they are all pretty much alike, they tend to speak in superlatives, often, they heap praise on each other, constantly, they build each other up constantly over the most trivial things, in truth, many of them are rude and brusque unless they are trying to impress someone, get money from someone or trying to get votes from underlings etc If it is someone who is of no value to THEM they are generally dismissive if not out right ignorant in their deportment, unless the cameras are running or they are in a very public place. They often also tend to be quite shallow, almost like one dimensional fictional characters. They live in a microcosm very often as well, unfortunately, even in many smaller city/town governments their “type” has taken over, and they have made it nearly impossible for a true outsider who lives in the REAL world to break through. Fedup nailed it whens/he used the words “brought in to destroy” and undermine towns around the entire country, that pretty much sums it up.


    1. Amen, Ronin! Couldn’t say it better myself. You nailed it and no, I’m not going to watch this love fest for fear I’d vomit all over my laptop. I’ve seen it before time and again. I’m sure this is similar to the love fest complete with tears they had for Cheryl Gaines when she departed. Can’t handle another one.


  4. The only legacy Peterson leaves is the $90 million of debt to the town’s taxpayers while he feasts on a massive pension. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! Oh… and don’t forget about that new, very expensive empty building in uppity town. Well there is one tenant… more town employees. Think Peterson is going to spend any of his retirement years in Normal helping to pay off the debts or his pension? Ha Ha Ha!


  5. You’re right on target Ronin, and “THESE” types NEED to be addressed as such for the bullies, HA’s and diminutive types that they are! He’s a RUDE entity who deserves whatever GOD instills on his soul! I WON”T say what I REALLY wish..


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