Live Streaming tells the truth

By:  Diane Benjamin

If local governments had not started Live Streaming meetings, the media would be your only source for information.

So far I haven’t seen a word about Stan Nord speaking at the Normal Town Council meeting last night.

Mr. Nord spoke about property he is trying to develop on West College.  He accused the town of forcing him to include property in his proposed plat that is not legal to develop.  It’s all complicated but the bottom line is he is claiming he is forced to pay development fees simply because the Town wants his money.  He also claimed previous owners of the property did not pay tap on fees and now the Town is trying to get him to pay for past mistakes by Town personnel.  He claims the Town is ignoring the Town code and taking staff recommendations for fees instead.

The comments outraged Mark Peterson.

Hit play to hear Mr. Nord’s comments, Peterson’s comments start around 26:00.

Several Trustees said they spoke with Mr. Nord previously.  I have no information other than what’s on this video.  Mr. Nord is well spoken.  He sounds to me like a guy trying to build a business while being abused by government.  Maybe his business isn’t the “right fit”.

If the media is going to ignore this exchange, that means you need to hear it.

One funny thing, the documentation never says Mr. Nord’s first name.  Chris Koos called him Mr. Nord.  To find his first name I had to look up who owned the property (TSS Storage LLC) and then look up the LLC name on the Secretary of State’s website:





7 thoughts on “Live Streaming tells the truth

  1. ANOTHER reason to AVOID uptown! “NOT the way WE operate” seems I heard old Dave Anderson use that phrase, and we ALL know what a “nice” guy he was..


  2. Well they did say Nord knew the fees BEFORE he bought the property. Why did he continue with the purchase and is now complaining about the fees?


    1. Rule #1) Ya can’t trust the government. #2) They always cover themselves, cover up is standard procedure. That said, I’ll take Nord’s comments over Peterson or Koos any day.
      I don’t know Nord but I’ve seen enough of Peterson and Koos, and that town council to know that they do not deserve to be trusted. Giving them the benefit of the doubt is a fools game.


  3. Sooner or later business will stop moving into Normal. Oh, wait, that’s already happening. Just look at 1 Upsidedown Circle. Business owners talk and word gets around pretty fast.

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  4. Peterson’s rant is a little over the top. So is the Council’s. This is a typical response from the Council, run for cover, defend the status quo of city staff. The point Stan is making is that it’s complicated to do business in the town of Normal and his council is not listening to him. I’m sure Tartan Reality doesn’t have these problems when they’re the hand picked developers the town of Normal chooses to do business with. The rules Stan doesn’t like are probably no doubt more easily waved for certain others than it has been for him.

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