The “Complete Streets” scam

By:  Diane Benjamin The local minority that ride bikes expect their right to ride to be superior to your right to drive. They have the Federal and State government on their side because cars are evil.  (See the global warming scam) Last night I was driving East on Front from downtown Bloomington.  It was almost […]

Fly on the Wall: Trust Bikes?

I hear bikes were banned from Miller Park on the 4th of July. Let me see if I heard this right while buzzing around: Bikes are allowed on busy roads with thousands of pounds of cars right next to them, but they couldn’t be trusted in a park? Isn’t the speed limit really LOW in […]

More on “Hey Bikers:”

By: Diane Benjamin I switched to only writing local stories a long time ago. Maybe I throw in something Illinois or national when necessary, but this site is mostly for local issues. Evidently bicycles aren’t just a local issue. Just this morning “Hey Bikers” has reads from all of the states below, many with reads […]

Biking McLean County

by:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Regional Planning Commission conducted a poll a few months ago.  Their results showed 72% wanted bike lanes!  Of course, most of the people who took their poll were members of BLONO because they were the only ones who knew it. Normal is huge into biking, maybe their mayor […]