More on Normal’s road changes – get a bike

by:  Diane Benjamin

Last week I posted a story with a picture of an intersection in Normal.  It’s really hard to tell from the picture what Normal is doing, so today I drove out and took video.  Mayor Koos will be happy to learn I drove my big pickup truck and I even drove through Uptown in it.  Funny how the roads aren’t falling apart in Uptown, but the west end of Normal needs work.

Hey Mayor:  How will the snowplows clear the intersections?  Do you have some secret curved blade?

So, Normal illegally changes road signs from green to red.  Now they make it impossible for snowplows to clear streets or 2 vehicles to pass at an intersection.  Sensing a pattern?

A friend told me she called City Hall and talked to an engineer.  He was very excited about the project.  He also saw no problems with the intersections becoming much narrower.  He said the bike boulevard is going to be great. I think she said it starts at Parkside and heads east on Bryan to Adelaide.  After that it winds around to somewhere – most likely Uptown.

Here’s the video:






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