Another group who already knows who they will endorse:

By: Diane Benjamin

Since the Carrillo and Crabill socialists are running their own candidates, this group knows which socialists they are going to endorse. They expect other candidates to fill out their questionnaire so the answers can be used against them. Note, they are targeting Bloomington. All the socialists need to completely run Bloomington is people not voting April 6th. It will be incredibly easy for them to do. Most residents won’t even know there is an election.

Don’t forget Responsible Cities PAC will be promoting status quo candidates who think progress is made with massive debt.

Here’s the questions:

·        What is your story?  (no more than two paragraphs, please)

·        What motivated you to run for the office you are seeking? (no more than one paragraph)

·        What do you feel are the most important issues in the community you are seeking to serve

·        How do you intend to include ONE People’s Campaign in your decision making and governing processes should you win?

·        What is the number of votes your campaign is seeking to secure in order to win?

·        How much money do you plan to raise for your campaign?

·        To date, how much money has your campaign raised?

·        How many volunteers does your campaign plan to engage each week?

·        What endorsements have you received?

·        Please describe your electoral coalition.  Who are your base of voters and how will you mobilize them?

·        On the issues:


What are your ideas and plans to  preserve and create permanent affordable housing in your ward?  How would you increase funding for affordable housing?

Policing and Public Safety

What are your values and priorities concerning police accountability and public safety?

What changes to the current (expired) Fraternal Order of Police contract would you need to see, if any, before you would be willing to vote in favor of it?

How will you ensure adequate resources are allocated for appropriate crisis response and prevention for situations that do not require law enforcement intervention?

How will you ensure fully funded alternatives to law enforcement intervention in crisis response and prevention, such as emergency mental health and community wellness programs?

Do you support the adoption of a Welcoming Cities ordinance that would limit the communication between BPD and federal immigration authorities, and would prohibit use of local resources in federal immigration operations?

What do you believe to be the role of civilian input and accountability in policing?

Accessibility Justice

What do you believe to be the city’s role in ensuring accessibility and accommodation for people living with disabilities and what measures will you promote to ensure the city if fulfilling that role?

Economic Justice

What policies will you pursue in order to raise progressive revenue to fund city government?  How will you relieve the burden on working-class people, without diminishing the resources that support the programs and services we depend on?

Many types of city revenue are regressive – e.g. parking and traffic tickets, fines, and service fees.  How will you address the disproportionate burden of these revenue sources put on low-income communities and communities of color?

TIF has become a slush fund to hand out money to wealthy developers and big corporations.  How do you propose reforming the use/capture of the TIF program in your ward?

What are your priorities for federal Community Development Block Grant spending?

Environmental Justice

What do you see as the biggest climate change impacts/risks to the City of Bloomington, and what do you think the City’s role should be in addressing the climate crisis?

How will you ensure that climate change actions do not perpetuate historical and ongoing racism in our community?

CEJA is proposed legislation that seeks to address climate change and environmental racism, while recruiting communities of color for the tens of thousands of prevailing wage jobs that it will create.  Will you support the Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) and work to secure a CEJA workforce hub in our community?

COVID-19 Recovery

Do you think the City has been effective in its role in combating community spread of COVID-19, why / why not?

Do you the City has been effective in its role in supporting the community through the hardships created by the COVID-19 public health crisis?  Why / Why not?

What will your priorities be in planning for COVID-19 recovery?





6 thoughts on “Another group who already knows who they will endorse:

  1. I would respectfully ask them to add:

    Do you believe that Joseph Stalin was just “misunderstood” and that we should celebrate everything he did to create a modern Communist State?

    A Stalin holiday maybe?

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  2. I believe that — with what is about to occur over the next two weeks — Renner, Crabill and the “Bernadine Dorhn” wannabe will find this community a little bit harder for them to live in.

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  3. This makes me furious at what the Socialists are trying to do!! Do we have any conservatives running in Bloomington? Let me know and I will be sure that all my Bloominton friends vote for them and put out signs for them.

    I am currently running for Normal Two, Board as Clerk. I have so much to learn, but your columns keep me informed and up to date. Thank you so much Diane.

    Judy Hanks


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