Normal: You can’t eat inside but we can

By: Diane Benjamin

The best evidence yet to not re-elect Scott Preston and Chemberly Cummings:

While the Town of Normal is determined to put non-compliant restaurants out of business by fining them for not closing indoor dining, staff can eat in a conference room at Town Hall.

The Town attorney – Brian Day – who claimed over and over

Pritzker’s edicts are law participated!

They met on November 5th, the bill for their eats was on payments nobody is allowed to discuss.

Who ate at the expense of Normal taxpayers?

The Town called in orders to Jimmy John’s for delivery. There isn’t an order for Eric Hanson but he was present, The Conference room reference is just where they ate.

See what they ordered and the cost here:

It gets worse – proving once again Laws For Thee But NOT For Me:

This meeting took place on 11/5.

Pritzker issued an Executive Order (that attorney Brian Day claims is law) on 11/2 effective ONE day before this meeting:

See PDF page 2:

Look above this statement for the rules for restaurants. Everybody has to eat outside and be 6 feet apart:

Obviously the Conference Room is inside. It isn’t big enough for 7 people to be 6 feet apart. 25% occupancy would mean 28 people would have to fit, they might sitting on each others laps.

These multiple unrelated people were all at the same table. Keep in mind Koos claims it is too dangerous for the Council to meet in person, conference rooms are fine however.

Want more hypocrisy?

10 days after this Pritzker meeting violation, Pam Reece sent the police to Maggie Miley’s because a few customers were dining inside – actually socially distanced unlike her, staff, and trustees. Of course the Town also continues to persecute Joe’s Station House Pizza.

Maybe some citizen should file a police report. Add this group to list of those making rules for other people but proving those rules don’t apply to them. Gavin Newsom would be proud.






7 thoughts on “Normal: You can’t eat inside but we can

  1. The religious leadership of leftism can absolve themselves of their sinful acts by demanding that others accept their religion. Those of us who disobey will be cast out and punished until we comply and pledge our allegiance to their pope who sits on his thrown in Springfield.

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  2. Hopefully, someone will share this article with the employees and owners of Joe’s Station House and Maggie Miley’s. The people who lost their livelihoods should know it was because of these holier-than-thou hypocrites.

    If the indoor dining is such a health hazard, then everyone who was a part of this indoor dining experience should be fired or have their pay docked for a long as they are making the rest of us suffer. Since they are all a part of Koo’s “in-crowd” they will have no consequences unlike the rest of us.

    Koos, Preston & Cummings are all up for reelection. They all need to go.

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