Kathleen Lorenz Wrong about Indoor Dining Meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

After every Council meeting Stan Nord does a video on Facebook to explain what happened. Of course the Town hates the videos because they don’t control what he says.

He mentioned the 11/5 indoor dining meeting from this story in his December 21st video: https://blnnews.com/2020/12/30/normal-you-cant-eat-inside-but-we-can/

Obviously the gang met in person and not socially distanced in violation of Pritzker’s orders that took effect the day before.

Kathleen Lorenz either doesn’t bother checking her facts or she just believes what she is told. She posted this as a comment to Stan’s video:

Sorry Kathleen, wrong again! (It’s becoming a habit)

If Pam Reece told Kathleen it was before, why does Kathleen believe anything she says? Kathleen? Why does anybody believe the Town attorney when the rules don’t apply to him?

Hint: If he didn’t say Executive Orders are law he’d be out of a job. The Council wouldn’t be persecuting small business owners without him declaring non-laws are laws. Facts don’t matter to the rest either.





5 thoughts on “Kathleen Lorenz Wrong about Indoor Dining Meeting

  1. Kathy gets her talking points from Cathy Oloffson who was at the meeting. She’s also the reason for last year’s tax increase so that we can all enjoy a full time communication specialist to run the Chris Koos the spin machine. What about it, Normal? Are you being served?

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  2. KL is a cheerleader for the town’s agenda. In her mind, the town can do no wrong. KL represents Reece and Koos, period!!! To her, no one else matters.

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  3. KL believes that the Town government creates quality of life and economic development and that the “professional staff,” Koos, and Reece know what is best for the citizens despite all demonstrable evidence to the contrary. I wonder how much of an obstructionist and Stan antagonizer she will be after the next election cycle changes the composition of the Town’s leadership.

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