What we learned in 2020

By: Diane Benjamin

Covid doesn’t exist at Walmart, Menards, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. It only spreads at establishments with a Liquor License where Tari Renner and Chris Koos can prosecute Pritzker edict non-compliance.

If Pritzker’s edicts were law neither Bloomington or Normal would be prosecuting themselves, the State’s Attorney’s office would be filing charges.

Tari Renner will be gone on 4/30/2021. So will Chris Koos. One voluntarily one by defeat.

Very few laws are new in 2021 because your elected officials got paid for doing nothing in Springfield for most of the year. Celebrate!

Michael Madigan still hasn’t been prosecuted.

Voters don’t believe in term limits, it’s all lip service. When they had a chance to term limit long time legislators they didn’t. That means Dan Brady can continue kneeling before Pritzker instead of fighting for the rights of local small businesses to make a living. Cities 92.9 should release audio of his interview this week.

Your kids should not be in Unit 5 or District 87. Both have failed them. Meanwhile other schools did have in-person learning with little problem.

People can be easily terrified by government of a disease 99% survive. When we knew it was most dangerous to people over 80 the entire population was quarantined instead. If masks work, why did residents in nursing and group homes die at a much higher rate than the rest of the population?

Those who want to control instead of lead will lie repeatedly.

Elections don’t matter because no court has bothered to look at the evidence of election fraud. They are too scared of Antifa and BLM.

Antifa and BLM are obviously operatives of the Democrat party. They disappeared when dementia Joe was claimed to be the winner.

Formally white collar Bloomington-Normal now has people who think looting is a right. While Bloomington protected property Normal didn’t. (except Uptown which was blocked off)

The local socialists think they are a majority.

The Coliseum now just takes up space. Bloomington taxpayers will never see former City Manager David Hales or the Council that ignored facts face justice. The BCPA isn’t much better after the manager’s arrest for domestic battery. Maybe he was just bored while getting paid for no events.

The Bloomington Council continues to be dominated by people who believe downtown can be prosperous with more money. They are oblivious to Veterans Parkway being the heart of the City.

The Town of Normal REALLY despises Trustees who represent taxpayers. Citizens love Stan Nord.

Citizens proved they are capable of discerning information and not believing the lies about the Progressive Income tax. They DEFEATED it.

The Bloomington Election Commission must be abolished. They failed at their only job – the November election. Worse, not only can nobody be held accountable for the incorrect ballot, the COUNTY taxpayers are forced to pay their bills. The elected County Clerk didn’t screw up, the unelected did and they face no consequences.

There is nothing to protect property owners from a government who failed to collect fees from previous owners. If you make waves they will go after you. See Stan Nord.

Zoom is a great way to see who Council members really are. Their smirks give them away.

Normal under the current leadership can not work with Bloomington to save taxpayers money.

Since there isn’t an end, I will stop here:

Chris Koos is a jerk:

Tari Renner is an embarrassment:

Feel free to add more!

10 thoughts on “What we learned in 2020

  1. I know everyone is overwhelmed with information. On this last day of the year, it would be a VERY good idea for people to spend 45 minutes listening to this economist explain exactly what’s going on. And things will become clear, I promise. I’m surprised this hasn’t been censored (yet).


  2. COVID-19 exposed the failure of Uptown Normal. Borrowing $100 million to refurbish/rebuild a handful of city blocks with nicknack shops, bars/restaurants, city offices, and a hotel was one of the worst economic decisions in the history of Bloomington-Normal.

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  3. Here is what is going to happen on January 6th 2021. And after the coming s##t storm of investigations, Communists like (Renner and Koos) will be back under the rocks from which they crawled out from.

    A must watch for Patriots below. Leftists and Communists…. prepare for charges of treason… prepare for prison time.

    Happy New Year Patriots!

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    1. Thanks for posting, fellow Patriot. Happy New Year. Very informative. The vast majority of people in this community who are (sadly) still SOUND ASLEEP are not prepared for what’s coming shortly. I trust you are stocked up on groceries and other necessary supplies!

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      1. Some are sound asleep and others are in some sort of coma…. LOL!

        Yes… we need to be prepared for sure. Locked and loaded – the left and communists (kind of the same) are going to go ape-s##t for sure.

        I saw a video the other day where at least 12 people (some in government jobs) were openly talking about storming the White House and removing our president. Yes, they are RECORDED advocating the overthrow of our government? Proving in any court (especially military courts) that they are ALL traitors.

        And the penalty for treason is?

        Yes it is going to be a great year for most of us… and not so great for the Communists.


  4. Also learned some states have common sense and some don’t. In central Indiana today. Everything is open including restaurants and bars. Masks are optional at most places. Good to be spending the next 48 to 72 hours in a “free state”.

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  5. A very good list with an eye towards the local level. Here’s a few more:

    – Our society is driven by fear and bullying instead of science and cooperation,

    – Civil debate is nowhere to be found in our society where you would expect to find it.

    – Everything the media accuses Trump of doing to us (ex. divisiveness, dog-whistling, tyranny, racism) they themselves are far more guilty of spreading.

    – We are losing the new cold war.

    More and more people are waking up to all these facts. Hopefully it is not too late. Keep fighting the good fight for truth, justice, and unity. Love thy enemy does not mean have no enemies.

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