Why would Billy Brady resign?

Let the speculation begin!


  • Moving to Florida
  • Running for governor again
  • About to be indicted
  • Afraid of new State Senator Darren Bailey
  • Collecting a pension before the fund is bankrupt

One thing for sure – that list of accomplishments proves the IL GOP is inept, feckless, and leadership needs cleaned out.

8 thoughts on “Why would Billy Brady resign?

  1. I’ll lay my bet on indictment. The big net that has been cast — and that is about to be reeled in — is pretty tight. Big fish and small fish alike. Including local.

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  2. Addendum: my sources tell me that the timing of his resignation is extremely significant — 11:59 PM. One minute before Jan. 1, 2021. Wonder how many others will do the same.

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  3. The resignation is to stop an indictment. It’s a backdoor deal with senate leadership that has the goods on him and it’s a win win for Billy Bob. Now he can cash in on his campaign war chest, pay off Tom Pliura, head to Florida and live off an Illinois pension. There is no chance of this clown ever running for governor again. Those rumors are nothing more than a cover up attempt of whatever he’s hiding and that’s not much. His letter to Jason Plummer and his video gaming business in Ellsworth will tell you everything you need to know.


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