Bloomington: Your business is dead and government killed it!

By: Diane Benjamin

The goal of the far left is not to protect anyone – it is to DESTROY the middle class. There is no proof COVID is any more dangerous in a restaurant or bar than it is in Walmart and Lowe’s. I was in a PACKED Meijer last week, not a cop in sight enforcing occupancy edicts. But if you are a small business owner YOU don’t mater.

Idea: All restaurant and bars open now for indoor service. Veterans stand guard at the door and refuse entry to anyone with a government ID!

This illegal edict has NOTHING to do with keeping people safe. Quarantine the sick and the chickens. Everybody else needs to live their life now! Business owners have a right to be open just as much as huge corporations do. Past time to take a stand folks!

13 thoughts on “Bloomington: Your business is dead and government killed it!

  1. The truth will out very soon, and these little storm troopers’ covid “religion” will come to an end. We know what this is all about. WE KNOW. I never believed that such evil could work its way so insidiously into this community.

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    1. The left has completely missed the fact that what they have been doing is Treason. It does not get more serious than this. Thousands of traitors are going down and the clowns here will be dealt a blow that will make them want to hide in a deep hole somewhere. Yes, they are now part of the party of Treason and Sedition.

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  2. Leftists are very happy with their new found power. They’ve discovered that there are enough complacent and easily herded people amongst us to smother freedom.

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  3. Just go to Woodford or Tazwell county to eat, they’re mostly open, not enforcing the governor’s order. Give them your tax money.


  4. MANY places ARE open. Just use the BACK door. While at a eating establishment on I-74 several STATE TROOPERS walked in and ate lunch and commented “We’re GLAD you’re open, or we’d have NOWHERE to eat lunch”!

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  5. Has anyone else stopped to consider? The purpose of the lockdown/quarantine is reduce the exposure risk and spread of of covid-19? So, why would convicted criminals be released from correctional facilities prior to completion of the sentence meted to an individual convicted of a crime? Sounds to me a case could be made for “Willful Endangerment”…………..

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