Normal Vengeance – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin

Part 1:

This snip is from the minutes of the September 8. 2020 minutes:

Obviously Lorenz and McCarthy missed the graphic in Part 1 stating Normal’s priority is to run Water to Rivian. The minutes go on to state this $5,000,000 project would promote economic development, there is no mention of a “critical” need. Watch the video from this meeting. You can find it at this link: The discussion was lengthy, but go to 42:20. Stan Nord asks what parcels running this water main will serve. Pam Reece states it is for growth on the west. There are no immediate needs, just hope. (That’s how Bloomington got a NEVER used fire station) Of course no one mentions they want to serve Rivian. The Council with the exception of Stan Nord believes what they are told. The $4,750,000 expenditure is in the plan, they haven’t looked for grants yet but they will.

One other note: Nord mentions if some company wants to build the Town would have time to run the water. Some parcels aren’t annexed into the City yet and building takes time. He voted no because there is no immediate need, at least not one that has been publicly stated with the exception of the graphic in Part 1.

I FOIA’d Rivian water charges from Bloomington, see what I received here:

The first thing I noticed is Rivian is behind in payments and last August Rivian owed more than $140,000. I emailed Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason because I thought maybe Rivian isn’t happy with the Bloomington service and therefore is delaying payments. Gleason checked with the Finance Director and gave me this response:

“No issues according to Scott Rathbun. Not uncommon for additional steps to reconcile this account.”

I responded with this:

“I’m trying to figure out why Normal wants to spend $5 million running water to them. “

This was his reponse:


  • No one has said Rivian wants water from Normal instead of Bloomington
  • Normal did state running water to Rivian is a priority and they classified it as critical
  • Potential future economic development isn’t why tax dollars should be spent when existing systems are substandard
  • The citizens of Normal should be asking why Normal is claiming economic development when their own documents say running water to Rivian is critical
  • Citizens living where “fire flow” might not be sufficient to put out a fire should be outraged at the priorities of Normal’s leadership
  • Truth matters, Normal rarely provides it.
  • This will be campaign issue!





9 thoughts on “Normal Vengeance – Part 2

  1. If the west side didn’t grow under Chrysler #9 Mitsubishi #3 (Diamond Star) in global market share, then why would they think a startup that won’t reach the top ten globally will create anything? Its not just an investment, its future expenditure to maintain it with little to no development in the past 30 years.

  2. Pam and Chris are drunk with power and vengeance. The council bobble heads are too intimidated or too stupid to stop them…or they are in on the vengeance too. Now it makes sense why the majority of Normal employees live outside of Normal. They see this crap going on everyday.

  3. OK! Just PRETEND you are a “venture capitalist” and Rivian DOES want water from uptown. Rivian is $140K in the hole to Bloomington which ALREADY has the line out there. So, WHY in the heck do YOU want to spend $5 MILLION building a line to an “iffy” plant that is $140 K in debt to the CURRENT server?
    You’d be better off buying stock in bird rifles to shoot down UFO’s..

  4. This has nothing to do with this article but I want to post it for all of the patriots out there who are concerned about the election steal and where we are in righting this wrong and bringing traitors to justice.

    This was just posted today and very much worth the time to watch it.

    What is Trump Preparing for?

  5. How the @#$% can a $7.5 BILLION dollar company be $140K behind on their water bill and not have it shut off already? Local taxpayers now are expected to pay for their water too. Koos probably told Rivian to doubly screw Bloomington and not pay the bill because Normal’s water would be to them before Bloomington shuts them off. It seems taxpayers are getting screwed from all angles. Not sure who I am more pissed at right now.
    Bloomington for letting them get so far behind without action.
    Mayor Koos and Reece for bending Bloomington and Normal taxpayers over.
    Rivian for not paying their bills.

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