Normal Vengeance – Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin

Actions by the Town of Normal can only be labeled vengeance using your money for retribution to Bloomington for dissolving Metrozone years ago. This is why all incumbents must be replaced on April 6th.

Bloomington currently supplies water to Rivian. In this story is a graphic proving Normal wants to supply the water by replacing Bloomington service:

Why is Normal using taxpayer money to duplicate service to Rivian? In the above story Normal spent $250,000 for project design. The Community Investment Plan calls for spending $4,750,000 for “College Ave extension”. That totals $5 million to run water to Rivian while other projects don’t get done. Worse, this Rivian project is marked “critical”. Why is duplicating service “critical”?

See “Water” – far right side:

When you locate the Water page, scroll down to see projects that aren’t going to be funded. Click on each project for more information. Below are a few of the projects that are not being funded because of Normal’s priority is to steal business from Bloomington:

If your home catches fire at any of the above note “fire flow”

may not be adequate to extinguish it.

The last group of projects is listed as costing $360,000. That can’t be correct but that is the cost listed, maybe it’s for each one. Pine is listed as costing $620,000, Marion is $400,000. All are less than running water to Rivian. This proves priorities of the current Town of Normal leadership have nothing to do with citizens. However:

Rivian will be able to buy water from Normal instead of Bloomington.

Part 2:

5 thoughts on “Normal Vengeance – Part 1

  1. Normal claims there is no retaliation by the town for those with dissenting opinions. Stealing water revenue from Bloomington, the attack on Joe’s Station House, Maggie Miliey’s and the threat of lawsuit against the people who painted the mural all are vindictive and retaliatory actions. Instead of ending their spiteful ways Pam and her bobble heads hired a PR pro to spin the bad public perception they have earned.

    Before Koos, Normal had zero debt and was an example of fiscal responsibility and inclusive government. What changed? Koos became mayor and stacked the council with with loyal bobble heads.

    Time for a change. We need to vote Koos and every incumbent council member out of office. We must not vote for any council candidates or the Bloomington mayoral candidate (Straza) with deep ties to Koos in April.

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  2. WHY is even running water to Rivian “critical”?? I guess that koos is a SLOW learner as after the tax breaks were OFF the table, Mitsubishi started pulling the plug. So now he’s GIVEN perks to Rivian and NOW wants to supply their water?? I’m thinking that after 10 years OR LESS that water will be used by some farmer to water livestock, as Rivian will be GONE! IF it even takes off.. Just like his BUSTLING uptown..


  3. Both Scaringe and Koos are Agenda 21ers in addition to crony capitalists who are looking to profit off of the “greening of America.” This relationship is tighter than most would guess. The history of Rivian is sketchy at best. Scaringe found a willing partner in Koos to make all his scam dreams come true and his playing him like his personal violin. Don’t be surprised if Chris is lining his pockets with Amazon money doing R.J. special favors. The automotive industry in general is littered with political favors.

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