100% Green Energy? Laugh now

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember this Bernie shirt:

bernie s1

I wonder if wind is “Just and Clean Energy”?

Does “Just” mean it’s free for some people?  That sure won’t be wind since it costs more to make electricity than coal and natural gas.

But is wind “Clean Energy”?


I wonder if the local socialists know what is leaking from this turbine?  (and many others)  This pic was taken yesterday:

green energy

I hope nobody freaks out at the horror:

Fossil Fuels

As in oil.  Keep looking for unicorns socialists.







7 thoughts on “100% Green Energy? Laugh now

  1. If you happen to live in the few places where geothermal or hydroelectric are viable options, you Might be able to achieve “just and clean energy”. Anyplace else, it’s not going to happen, but your best bet for coming close is probably to promote nuclear and conservation.


  2. Let’s start with the reality of the situation with energy production in the United States to see if what they are proposing makes sense.

    What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source? https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=427&t=3

    According to the U.S. Energy Administration 16.9% of our energy comes from renewable sources.

    The Green New Deal eliminates all non-renewable energy production in the United States. So we would need to go from 16.9% to 100% renewable energy in a very short time (10 years has been talked about). Because solar and wind power are not constant, there must be some form of backup energy production or storage for when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. At this point in time, the technology to store in batteries, the vast amounts of energy needed to provide a reliable backup power source does not exist. The Green New Deal proposes to get rid of all of the backup energy production (fossil and nuclear). Mandating renewable energy sources without backup power production or reliable energy storage of some kind is insane. So unless we are willing to put up with power shortages and power outages being a regular part of our lives, the Green New Deal is just pure fantasy and will NOT work.

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  3. Hydro is probably the best IF it don’t displace NATIVE species. Geothermal is also good, but can have BAD consequences. Iceland is 100% geothermal and is the ONLY place know to have had magma come up a steam pipe some years back. Needless to say the pipe lost! Most ANY of the others that the “greens” mention have their SERIOUS drawbacks. But like MANY of the issues the “greens” push, they DO NOT think them through..

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  4. Quoted from the TROUBLE2 post: “According to the U.S. Energy Administration 16.9% of our energy comes from renewable sources.” Assuming there is some accuracy to that statement, who gets to pick the 83.1% that fall in the categaory of there’s not enough energy to go around so you folks lose out. Sorry. Hope there are enough blankets to go around when it gets cold outside.

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