Update: How much did Normal pay the Pantagraph?

The two Denham’s are married, Theresa was hired 12/30/19.

By:  Diane Benjamin

For the 3 years – 2016 to 2019 – Normal paid $146,539.90.  The list is VERY long, so I won’t post pics.  See it here:  Pantagraph Normal

Don’t forget during the same time period WGLT got paid $27,183.50https://blnnews.com/2020/01/23/corruption-in-normal/

Speaking of WGLT, did you watch the video from last Monday?  The Town had a new clerk complete with a name plate.  It’s a little fuzzy, but see if you can read it:


It says Theresa Denham.  WGLT has a reporter named Ryan Denham.  Any relation?  It can’t be Ryan’s mom!  Sister?  Wife?  No relation at all?

Since Normal thought it was fine to elect a reporter from WGLT to the Town Council (RC McBride) and have another WGLT employee appointed to the Connect Transit Board by Normal (Mike McCurdy), don’t citizens have the right to know just how cozy WGLT and the Town are?





9 thoughts on “Update: How much did Normal pay the Pantagraph?

    1. What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know this stuff is standard operating procedure in this community? Education doesn’t matter. Experience doesn’t matter. Competence and work ethic doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is being connected and knowing the right people. Knowledge of your work subject matter is also not required. We are just a smaller version of the Chicago patronage system.

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      1. My bad, for a moment I forgot this is Illinois. There is a lot of incompetence in various positions. Government is the worst. How about that AV crew that handles recording Normal town meetings?) Then comes the poor journalistic personnel at WMBD (sometimes one feels they are in a taking of English as a foreign language class). There is WEEK/WHOI field reporters just out of kinder care. The weekly reader class (thanks Townie) called the Pantagraph…they are either so bad (Lenore S.) or taking care of their masters in city government.
        WJBC (We’re Jokers Broadcasting Crap) and WGLT (We’ve Got Little Truth)


  1. ….and in response to your title question….they paid the Pantagrapjh way too much as well as WGLT. I am not a Bloomberg fan at all but democrats chase after him for Non Disclosure payoffs. How is Normal any different? Well I guess they are getting ahead of the situation as opposed to after the event occurs by spending this $$$ now for future favors. Also RC McBribe voting on the authorization of funds for WGLT is a big conflict of interest.

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  2. Newspaper is one of the most ineffective advertising mediums. The Town’s decision is not motivated by marketing metrics or sound business acumen that’s for certain. So, one has to wonder why they put so much spending behind advertising in the Pantagraph ($146,539.90 worth?!). Hmm… What could it be? I wonder. In other news, I hope Theresa and Ryan aren’t passing notes in class.


  3. $146,000 in spending in the PAntagraph is a MAJOR, senseless and complete idiotic waste of money, unless it’s “payola” As the PAntagraph has SO FEW subscribers that it’s basically a “weekly Reader” of no content or interest except for the “obits.” Otherwise, it’s even hard to start a fire with. And with the population of Blm-Nor. That’s about a $1 a person for EVERYONE. That’s efficient? I call that a “dumba**ed wasted of money, so WHAT else is NEW??


  4. Experience and ability really don’t matter. Didn’t the Bloomington streets department buy computer software to tell them what streets to repair? I still can’t stop laughing. Glad to no longer be a Bloomington or an Illinois resident.


  5. WGLT is obviously the paid marketing arm for Normal. With that in mind, why would Normal still need to hire a PR person? It seems they receive many more individuals pushing the town’s spin just by paying WGLT.

    WGLT used to be a fairly unbiased news source. I am disappointed to see they have become so slanted in one direction.

    Every news organization, including blnnews, has an obvious slant. The public is at a loss guessing which one to believe is reporting fact bs opinion.

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  6. Nothing like controlling the media is there? Silly me, I thought the media should be neutral , not paid off by taxpayer dollars With WGLT and the Pantagraph(bird cage liner ) in the pocket and on the payroll of Koos/Renner you can pretty much guarantee they wont be criticizing them any time soon

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