Having trouble picking a Dem candidate?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This handy chart from Illinois Family Institute can help.

If you want illegal immigrants to get free healthcare at your expense, there are many to choose from.

If you want to live in the stone age under the Green New Deal, lots of choices there too.  The only two opposed aren’t in the running.

I’m sure you can figure out the others, like tuition-free college.  Isn’t today the day ISU President Dietz might get his $50,000 bonus?

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “Having trouble picking a Dem candidate?

  1. We have reached a terrible point in Illinois. The democratic control is so bad and we have no republican party it is the RINO party. One is stuck. There is some logic in declaring democrat in primaries to vote for the least objectionable candidate unless you are in Brady’s area. Then vote him out.

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