Remember the letter leaked to WGLT about Stan?

By:  Diane Benjamin

In case you forgot, see this story:

WGLT did a story attacking Stan Nord using a letter City Manager Pam Reece sent to Stan Nord.  WGLT couldn’t possibly have obtained it by FOIA.  That letter was leaked to them, yes folks your government is either anti-business or willing to destroy anyone who isn’t a bobble-head on the Council.  (or both!)

One citizen, Doug Fansler, saw what was happening and tried to get answers.  I redacted Doug’s email address and phone number.

Sent to WGLT:

fan 1fan 2

WGLT response:

fan 3

Doug responded to WGLT:

fan 5

Next Doug emailed the Trustees leaving off Chris Koos and Pam Reece.

fan 6

Kathleen Lorenz was the only Trustee to responded.  She seems oblivious to someone at the Town using WGLT for their purposes.  If you forgot, the WGLT story eventually states Stan Nord had been working with the Town, so there wasn’t a real story.  The title was meant for those who wouldn’t read down that far.


One of the Trustee’s sent Doug’s email to Chris Koos.  Koos’s response proves truth doesn’t matter:

fan 7

Doug asked Koos what was inaccurate:

fan 8

Koos and the Town lawyer, Brian Day, never answered:

fan 9

Citizens of Normal need to clearly see WGLT is not an independent news source.  Are they are the “useful idiots” the Town of Normal uses when they need propaganda spewed?

Are they:

Fake News


9 thoughts on “Remember the letter leaked to WGLT about Stan?

    1. I’m also annoyed with their unpublicized status of ‘establishment lapdogs’, I don’t know that I’d want them shut down altogether however. Despite their bias, they seem to provide the best political coverage of election races with their various debates. The ideal would be if GLT actually did their job the way they’re supposed to instead of picking sides. Short of that, unless some other station would pick up the slack I unfortunately think we’d be better off with continued ‘fake news’ than with ‘no news’.


    2. Bad thing about them looking for jobs. With crap news in this town they would fit right in elsewhere. If they didn’t find jobs that way they have kissed enough butt that we would find new positions open up in Normal city government. Either way the taxpayer gets screwed financially and in finding the truth.


  1. To: Karl and others, IF you listen to WGLT AFTER midnight, they have BBC news, which is not NEAR as biased and have some interesting stories, so IF you can’t sleep, and want some “background noise” that’s pretty accurate and unbiased, listen late when all the leftists have LEFT the building..

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  2. Kathleen Lorenz says, “…you can catch more files with honey than vinegar.” In other words, if you’re not the right fit then bugger off. Trying to smooth things out she proves more ignorance of the law and for what she should be representing,,,We The People.

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  3. This town is so obviously corrupt. Now that the feds are finally getting involved with the corruption at the state level it is only a matter of time before they start investigating people in Normal. Who will be the first to get investigated, Koos, Reece, Lorenz, CIRBN???

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