Who is the real Rachael Lund?

By: Diane Benjamin

Democrat Lund is running for the McLean County Board in District 5 against John McIntyre (Republublican) and Joann Litwiller (Libertarian)

Lund cleaned up her social media sites before declaring her candidacy, but some of her posts were captured before that happened. Read below before you vote for “Nasty Woman”.

Lund isn’t a Democrat – she changed her cover photo to the below. These four are the radical left of the DC House. Lund needs to explain why she admires radical socialists who want to end capitalism.

Lund posted this, evidently she is profane and doesn’t believe in God. She leaves GOD out of the pledge of allegiance.

Lund is also a big fan of this guy who radicalized the NFL, another cover photo:

Lund felt freer on Twitter to show her real self:

Rachael Lund is anti-2nd Amendment. Why would she want to disarm law abiding citizens? She doesn’t know criminals don’t obey laws?

Yes, Lund calls herself Nasty Women:

One more with current County Board member Shayna Watchinski:

Is this who you want on the County Board?

Lund sounds like Jenn Carrillo 2.0!

Lund might be even worse, Carrillo never supported this loser. Has Lund told her voters she just barely met the residency requirement to run? She a McLean County newbee.






16 thoughts on “Who is the real Rachael Lund?

      1. and speaking of voter fraud I’m still waiting for my mail piece allowing me to finish voting due to the early screw-up on the Bloomington ballot !

        I was told it was mailed on Oct 9 or 10 by the election board .

  1. More classy candidates brought to you by the Renner, Koos, Matekja and Rankin cabal. I think most of us knew about this creature before. The best place to build a nest is in politics if you are incapable of doing anything of use for the good of mankind. Example 2,453 or more.

  2. This woman is just ONE step from being an “extremist”… And it’s NOT a big step. WHAT happened to good old politics where one was a Democrat and the other a Republican. This woman IS A TERRORIST! Plain and simple, wonder what TAri and the Council would do IF she were elected?? Would she tell Jenn she’s not lesbo enough to be gay? Or TAri not radicalized enough to serve? That WOULD be interesting to observe.. But NOT to have to live through!

    1. She’s apart of the Lesbian train that’s trying to take over McLean County. Val Laymon works for Panera and has no education or workplace background to serve in any capacity. She’s also tied to our former McLean County treasurer candidate that lost this year. The skeletons in these peoples closet is unreal. All of them are connected and try to keep the secrets buried.

  3. I helped Jo drop 600 pieces of literature this morning in her district. We clearly don’t want Rachel to win. But John hasn’t been our friend either.

    John failed to lead when we wanted McLean County to reopen in accordance with the Heart of Illinois plan as opposed to JB’s plan. The Heart of Illinois plan would have allowed more businesses to reopen sooner than the Governor’s plan. John’s leadership was so poor that it spurred a group of us to recruit Jo and equip her to run against him. I hope you will join us and support Jo in District Five.

  4. @ real truth : it is actually worse than you posted here.. it’s thru the school board and local boards and commissions and in MANY MANY city jobs. Fact : They HATE all heterosexual white people and only use blacks for their optics.

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