Fly on the Wall: Bloomington

Is that the upper echelon of management at City of Bloomington in full panic mode? They just now found out there is an election next week? They just heard they should be prepared for chaos?

Oops, this might be a secret.






4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Bloomington

  1. If they don’t have every swinging appendage at the PD working the night of the election, they are fools.

    That’s okay. If the PD won’t maintain some semblance of order, there are plenty of gun owners locally who will not brook giving riotous mobs “room to destroy” when it comes to their businesses and / or residences. And it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to recognize a “peaceful protest™” mob when they see it.

    All it takes is a few black bloc social misfits to take the room temperature challenge and order will be restored. Doubt that? Just look what happened in Kenosha after Mr. Rittenhouse poured a little chlorine into the gene pool there.

  2. The democrats have only themselves to blame as the riots and lootings are caused by democrats. They gave these troublemakers permission to go ahead and commit these crimes the 1st time so they’ll continue to do so until our local government comes down hard on them. It’s not a wonder dining and retail are being killed by oppressive government policy in BloNo and IL.

  3. Only IDIOTS would even THINK (operative word there) about doing ANY kind of destruction after the election.
    But Biden WILL egg them on..

  4. I really think that the number of democrat voters who would actually protest with intent to do harm is much smaller than we’ve come to believe. There are a few useful idiots in larger cities and we see them almost every day in the news. That tends to make it seem like they are everywhere. I don’t think even Jenn Carrillo can coax her followers out to be violent. She doesn’t have a “smash window” hand sign does she? We’ll see.

    And when you think about it why are democrats voting for Biden? Because they don’t like the way Trump looks and sounds. They aren’t really voting for Biden. Ultimately I think they will be relieved when Trump wins. They won’t have to address the idiocy of his political, economic and social policies.
    Before they throw that first rock they will have to ask themselves – is it really worth it?

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