Is Lawler a chicken or just uninformed?

By: Diane Benjamin Ward 5 candidate Patrick Lawler was supposed to participate in a debate tonight. Instead he posted this:

Let’s deconstruct!

Patrick isn’t interested in listening to Republicans. “Regardless of what party” is a load of crap or he would be there tonight. Patrick obviously only gets news that lied about the former President. He likely still believes Trump won by colluding with Russia. He swallowed lies without ever looking at facts. He must think 74 million+ Trump voters are racist, misogynistic, and zenophobic to boot. Nice Patrick. Patrick didn’t bother getting facts about the people who went to Washington DC. They weren’t at the capital and didn’t participate in the “awful events”. They were at the other end of Pennsylvania Ave – a LONG ways away. Patrick, seriously dude, you teach! We aren’t a democracy (mob rule). Do you tell your student we are?

Since Lawler’s excuses are lame and uniformed:

  1. Patrick is either too scared to discuss issues with his very intelligent opponent
  2. Or Patrick is attempting to score points with any socialists living in Ward 5.

I suspect there aren’t that many (unless he was their teacher).

Vote April 6th for Nick Becker. If you didn’t know, Lawler is part of the local socialists trying to con their way to power:

25 thoughts on “Is Lawler a chicken or just uninformed?

  1. Unlikable mean-spirited communist clowns like this one are always drawn to teaching kids – captive audiences forced to pretend to like them and agree with them to pass the class. Typical loser. He can’t hold his own against savvy, common sensical adults who have his number. Bozo is out of his league.

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  2. With an attitude like that he would have been leveled in a debate. It would be very difficult to defend the views he has of others without getting laughed off the debate forum.
    Apparently he has just enough self awareness to know that and ducked out.

    One thing for sure, he would have no intention of representing all of his constituents. Hope they get out and let him know they count too.

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  3. Has anyone ever asked Nick if he believes the election was stolen? I’m curious how much of the Republican apple has gone rotten.


  4. His post shows that if you don’t agree with his chosen political party he will marginalize and ignore you on local issues. He has no idea that the council’s role is to take care of local issues.
    Lawler’s comments remind me of something Mayor Koos said “If you’re not with us, you’re just noise.”

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  5. Gosh Diane you should contact the FBI.

    They are arresting all these people PICTURED destroying the Capitol and killing police when YOU claim to have proof they weren’t there.



  6. Lawler is a chicken. He would have had to defend his indefensible positions. As a matter of political strategy, he can only lose ground by debating. His SJW, far-left voting bloc will support him no matter what and will show up at the polls. He just has to make sure that the everyday guy and gal stay home.

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  7. It’s the old leftist ploy straight from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Label the opposition instead of informing the voters of your own plans (or lack of plans) for them.
    Worked for Joe didn’t it.

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  8. Lawler just showed the community how he will interact with other Council members, if elected. Just like Jenn & Crabill, the will not play nice.
    The Ward 7 candidates didn’t participate in this forum either…not surprised.

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  9. Ward 7 is depressing. You would think if a solid conservative worked hard campaigning they would have won a spot during the primary with so many liberals splitting the vote.


  10. I spent some enjoyable and worthwhile time with a candidate you support. We parted with my pledge of a supporting vote…and decided this AM to do some background–and came across this Trump-lite blog, and find its Fox-like, Trump-like exaggerations something harmful to the community.

    Your opponents are no more “socialists” than my cat. The labeling, vitriol and disdain of Either Side of the Political Divide is something Geo. Washington foresaw and warned against in his Farewell Address. I try to understand both sides, and (with the exception of blogs like this and the intolerance of the former President), I tend to believe in the sincerity and good will of people seeking political service.

    A follower of Jesus, I find your attitude and spirit more of the intolerant (“if you are different from me, you are no good at all”) Jihadist/Crusader type than I can stomach. I say this with prayerful respect that you ARE sincere, but only ignorant of he civil discourse our society needs so badly right now.


    1. Joris,
      Because you seem to be mostly about judging politicians by their personalities rather than their policies I would ask you these questions.

      1. Do you support the organization BLM and their written policy?
      2. Do you support defunding the police?
      3. Do you support the idea of political, social and economic policy based mainly on the idea of “equity” or specifically race based decision making?
      4. Do you think it is ok to not address, answer to, or be questioned by people who disagree with your stated policies as Mr. Lawler does?
      5. Are you for making Bloomington/Normal a haven for illegal immigration?
      6. Which policies of former President Trump do you not support? As this seems to be a basis for our local election campaigning now.
      7. And therefore what news sources do you use to inform you of your political reality?
      8. As a Christian do you consider political leaders to also be spiritual leaders?

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      1. to your eight questions. You phrase them, as the Pharisees did, as “gotcha” questions for which the only acceptable answer is the one embedded in the question’s form. Like Jesus (and, apparently, the current Press Secretary of the President) I would answer each by responding to the reason why you ask the question in the first place.


      2. Joris,
        Are you comfortable ending conversation with someone simply by derogatorily labeling them (in this case calling me a Pharisee) and thus smugly placing me in a position unworthy of your response? Or have you pre-emptively placed yourself on a pedestal so high that it automatically excludes you from “lowly” considerations and discussions?

        I’ll give you the reason for the questions and then you can reveal your position, unless it’s too uncomfortable.

        These questions refers to actual statements, actions and/or policy that the People First Coalition leadership and some candidates for office have made.
        It is sadly obvious that the candidates, the coalition leadership and apparently you, expect everyone to “zip it” when it comes to asking even simple questions about proposed political policy.

        I was hoping you would take a look at these issues and consider who and why you might support certain candidates, separate from your dislike for former president Trump’s personality. A bridge too far?


  11. “As a follower of Jesus…” And invoking George Washington, of all people.
    I don’t recall Jesus ever saying “let’s mandate, through state action, income redistribution to atone for society’s purported sins.” The very heart of Christianity, and this Republic founded on Christian principles, was the natural rights of individuals to be free to choose their own way and take responsibility for those choices. To be personally responsible to God. Communists (and yes, they ARE communists) LOVE clueless do-gooder people like you, who only see their propaganda buzzwords like “fair” and “equity” while you ignore the summarily un-Christian pillars behind their agenda – namely, destruction of the family, a “do what thou wilt” philosophy that is immoral, evil and dangerous to the fabric of a community, and the removal of personal choice to charity & giving and handing it over to your new religion, the “state.” So now you can go confess your sins to the state instead of God by having half or more of your livelihood seized, to be redistributed by your new “priests” as they see fit. (Oh, and a little commission from the top for them, too.) So good luck with your new religion. The rest of us don’t want it.

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  12. 2 Thessalonians 3:10-15
    For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living. As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. If anyone does not obey what we say in this letter, take note of that person, and have nothing to do with him, that he may be ashamed.

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  13. Something tells me that JORISHEISE lives off a government paycheck. Easy to spot, always very magnanimous and generous…with other people’s money. Comparing Biden’s clueless press secretary to Jesus is a classic!

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