Hey Carrillo, attend the discussion next time

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Jenn Carrillo was absent for the Committee of the Whole meeting where plans for O’Neil Park were discussed. She could have expressed her views then, but failed to represent her ward.

Last night she voted yes on the $11.8+ million project. Today she evidently has re-thought that vote:

Hint Bloomington:

If you want to be called a racist, homophobe, bigot, sexist, xenophobe, and whatever else they dream up, vote for Jenn’s buddies:



You aren’t required to play the made up games of socialists.

If you believe in judging people on the content of their character instead, vote against them.

This election is easy

Show up!

Bloomington’s future if you stay home: https://news.yahoo.com/news/evanston-illinois-offers-countrys-first-151042830.html

Send Straza packing while you are there.

9 thoughts on “Hey Carrillo, attend the discussion next time

  1. Jenn I had made racist comments against white people repeatedly. The media and the council are cowards for not calling for Her removal from council.

    1. Can’t remove an elected official unless they commit a felony. And, sometimes it’s better not to play her game.

  2. I love when communists use made-up, nonsensical words like “minoritized.”
    Physical disabilities are rightfully accommodated by law. People with psychological issues about what “gender” they are coupled with an obsession to scream about it in people’s faces (or to dress like prostitutes) belong in treatment (or at Fire Island in New York) and not at a family-friendly, public pool used mostly by children.
    The people of this community should take careful note of Jenn Carrillo’s compulsive preoccupation with sex. It is apparently all she thinks about according to her post, and notably absent is any mention by her of what might be good for the kids using the pool. I wouldn’t let a child get within 100 yards of her or any of her buddies.

  3. What a wonderful world of her own creation that Jenn lives in! A world where she is absolutely confident that she knows more about you than you do. Looking down her nose must be thrilling for her.

    These are the kind of people that don’t belong anywhere near the controls.

  4. I supposed Jenn is pissed that the plan calls for male and female locker rooms and not gender neutral ones. So glad we have Jenn to point out all our blind spots.

    Good grief, her posts make me vomit.

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