Press Release: Art Rodriquez

We are 13 days away from a critical election. 
I first came here in 1961 from Detroit.  My father was a professor at Illinois State University.  I graduated from NCHS back in the last century in 1975.  Time flies.  Later graduated from Western New Mexico University and went on to work for Whirlpool in the Boston Area.  Later I started a manufacturers representative firm in the New York area.  Moved back to Normal in 2006 and have seen a lot of changes over the past few years.  I reside here with my wife and daughter Anna, and my two sons grown with families of their own.

So the Roger Mudd question…Why do I want to run for Normal Trustee?  There have been many unethical decision by board members with ties to non profits.  They voted to allocate monies to non profits outside the Township.  They have received awards from these non profits and still will not recuse themselves from voting to give thousands in grant to these non profits.  That’s your tax dollars!  Over 300K is given to the Town of Normal for roads.  Look how that has worked for us.  As you research the minutes of the township you can tell that the exposure is for self  acclaim and not for the Township.  I’m only in this for 1 term and done.  I ask for your vote.

Art Rodriguez

McLean County Veterans Assistance Chairman

AMVETS 2nd Vice Dist. IV

American Legion Post 79

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