The Illinois People’s Action Hypocrites

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Illinois People’s Action website only shows two staff – Don Carlson and Dawn Dannenbring:

They are married to each other.

IPA members are not afraid to call themselves Democratic Socialists.  Socialism has never worked anywhere, here is the proof it doesn’t even work for the locals:

ipa tax return

That is a screen shot of Illinois People’s Action 2018 tax return.  They received $176,706 from their like minded socialist buddies and churches.

$154,416 went to salaries

Is that for just the 2 staff people?  That is how socialism always fails, the people at the top suck up all the money and never help the “little people”.  Eventually the “little people” wise up.

See the entire tax return here:  2018 IPA tax return

I don’t see spending to help anybody.  They did have $180,105 sitting in a bank at the end of the year.  Maybe that’s a retirement account.  Maybe members should ask – especially those contributing.

9 thoughts on “The Illinois People’s Action Hypocrites

  1. If you look at most budgets in government, seventy five to eighty percent is spent on salaries. Usually the department heads and executive directors make what two or three people combined make. And these people moan and groan about what private sector presidents, CEOs and department heads make in the private sector where a useful product or service is actually the result. Most of the government will save us types do not have even a remedial understanding of economics.

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  2. That line item includes employee benefits. I would presume a good chunk of that goes towards paying for health insurance for the employees.


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