Punting to a Tyrant

By:  Diane Benjamin

Somewhere I heard it stated:  Illinois will open when the people want it to open.  Your elected officials aren’t going to help, they are bowing before Pritzker’s tyrannical rule.

The County Board debated for two hours last night.  Peoria and the other cities who put together the HOI plan have all backed away from it claiming Pritzker is now moving faster with re-opening plans.  The McLean County Board didn’t have the guts to lead.  County Administrator Camille Rodriquez started the meeting – she was obviously against any plans to reopen and make Pritzker mad.

A motion was made by Democrat Carlo Robustelli to table the vote.  Every Democrat voted for it.  It would have failed if 5 Republicans hadn’t voted with them:  John McIntre, Susan Schafer, Josh Barnett, William Caisley, and Lyndsay Bloomfield.

Chuck Erickson was the leader pushing for a re-opening plan.  He understands the devastation Pritzker’s illegal edicts have caused.  He knows indefinite lock-downs are not a plan.  7 other Republicans voted with him.

The Yes votes to remain under tyranny did it to “keep people safe”.  Ask them where that is in their job description.   Ask them why they don’t trust people.  Ask them why they want the devastation to continue.  Ask the Republicans why anyone should support the Republican Party when 5 members failed to support citizens and businesses.  We expected that of the Democrats.

The Health Department is hiring contact tracers.  They won’t be ready to work until around July 1st.  If it was up Jessica McKnight everything would remain closed until her staff is ready to control and test all.  (To keep you safe)

Citizens have choices:

  • Reopen safely because Pritzker is acting illegally, dare anyone to shut you down
  • File a lawsuit against Pritzker

Pritzker was sued by two churches, he dropped all of his previous mandates just before his response to the US Supreme Court was due.  See the story here:  https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/gov-pritzker-removes-restrictions-on-churches-on-eve-of-responding-to-the-u-s-supreme-court

Rep Darren Bailey’s case against Pritzker is in Federal Court.  A judge should rule on June 10th to return it to Clay County where a judge will rule everything Pritzker is doing violates the Illinois Constitution.  Pritzker will then appeal it to the Illinois to Supreme Court who should do the same, hopefully they can read.

The court system moves very slow, the County Board proved they can move even slower – to keep you safe.

Whoever said the people will decide when the State opens was right.  We are capable of determining our own course.  Those who want to stay locked up should.  Everybody else needs to start living again.  Five members of the Republican Party proved they do not support you.  John McIntyre needs replaced as chairman of the McLean County Board.  When people can’t tell the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats there is no leadership.

Side note:  The WJBC story claims Susan Schafer made the motion to table.  She didn’t.

Video was finally posted:





14 thoughts on “Punting to a Tyrant

  1. It continues (after many decades) to amaze me, as to the level of conformity that exists with the people of this area. And the conformity that exists among the general population dominates ALL of the political and business leadership here.

    It is truly a sight to behold. This should be documented as a future text book example of what happens when blind obedience and brainless conformity are allowed to run things.

    This is not going to end well for our area.

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    1. Not surprised by any of this because I have come to expect it. I was born and raised here and frankly, this community has never had real leadership. It has always been run by a long- established elitist clique who exist in a tight circle in order to protect their own way and living and personal wealth. The leadership structure is established that way on purpose so hard decisions never have to be made and clique members are always protected. State Farm, Country Companies, local government, Chamber of Commerce and organized labor are all long time members in good standing. Decisions on your future and mine are made in closed conference rooms, Rosie’s downtown, BCC, establishments owned by the Dobski’s and like people and assorted weekend private cocktail parties at private residences. That’s your Bloomington-Normal. It never changes.


  2. The Republicans need to fix their RHINO problem. Identifying as Republican means little anymore. It is a way to get votes from those who don’t take the time to educate themselves on the candidates. Kind of like buying a product because a high profile athlete or celebrity endorsed it. Hell, the local Republicans even put RHINOs in Precinct Committee positions. Kathleen Lorenz is a perfect example. The Republican Party is destroying itself by supporting and endorsing so many Disguised Dems in public leadership without calling them out. I am starting to understand the appeal for a third party.

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    1. I went Libertarian after a Republican governor’s first legislative initiative after the election was added restrictions on legal gun owners. There are other reasons, but it started with a RINO.


  3. What a huge liar you are. The stay at home Executive Order signed by Pritzker was never an indefinite lock-down. The governor at the start had a plan to gradually open the state when designated areas reached scientific metrics of percentage of people sick with the virus. With the death toll of 100,000 in this country and 5,186 deaths in Illinois, the fact that the lock-down was necessary and saved lives goes over your head.

    I didn’t see where you covered the fact that Erickson called this meeting without informing the Democratic members of the McLean Co. Board about this special meeting. Erickson, by his own admission greased the wheels behind the scenes to get enough people on his side. He did not contact any of the Democrats on the board or notify them of the meeting.

    He then called on County Clerk Kathy Michael to propose the meeting, instead of doing it himself so he could have plausible deniability.

    The rest of the county board found out about the meeting when WGLT announced it.

    When asked why they had not been notified directly of the meeting, Michael told them that she did not have their email addresses and was unable to contact them.
    So Erickson was trying to pull a fast one and unethical use of power to pander to extreme elements in McLean Co.


    1. Since when is Caisley a Republican? The guy is not running for reelection. He’s a crazy old fool who ought to be in a nursing home.


  4. I’m surprised so many people are so enamored with the HOI plan. Yes, it’s better than Pritzger’s plan, but that’s not saying much since his has no legal basis to start with. By my reckoning, it’s like asking your mugger to let you pull out all the money, cards, IDs, pics of loved ones, etc, and hand them to him but you keep the empty wallet. That way you can both say you weren’t really mugged – you reached a negotiated agreement.

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  5. DuPage County discussed opening… but, had not put it on for a vote – so they keep kicking the can … several of them believe that the governor has the ultimate authority unless a court finds otherwize. They are refusing to stand up for their citizens.

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  6. I’m truly getting to where I go out of town for most things now, this started the last 30 days or so. I had a lovely lunch today, it was outside, it was less than an hour from here, it was makeshift outdoor seating but shaded and nice, staff were “masked up” (poor staff) and they did the “social distancing” thing (How I abhor that term) but of the 10 people who were there while we were there only 2 came in with their little masks slapped over their face, they of course had to remove them to eat. Except for the masked staff, and everyone having to be outside (comfy though) everything was pretty much normal, not “new normal”, another revolting phrase they seem to enjoy spouting whenever possible
    Bloomington is becoming truly not a fun place in any way, not even to eat, though we do have some very good places. I won’t rat out any restaurant that is saying or soon says “That’s it, we are done with this nonsense”, and to those places I will start going, until then, many towns not far away have good places too. I’m kind of sad for BloNo to be honest, but they have done it to themselves, and as Diane often mentions, this is what happens when good people don’t bother to get involved or even vote in local politics – we get what we have now, and, it’s not a good time. I will end by saying say I have been somewhat heartened the last 2 days seeing that slowly but surely masks are starting to come off – it’s a good start.

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