Local radicals not letting a good crisis go to waste!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night – Note who was the featured guest:


If you want to see the demands:  https://docs.google.com/document/

Radicals always want to grow government using your money.  Maybe Tari can fill citizens in at tonight’s rescheduled meeting.  I wonder if he made it clear some of their demands are illegal.

The radicals aren’t done.  Having way too much time on their hands provides them an opportunity to harass elected officials into bending to their will.  (It won’t work)

This is a clear example of why we are a Republic instead of a democracy.  The loudest voices aren’t allowed to infringe on the rights of everybody else.  They declare themselves the majority and therefore have a right to set the agenda.  Think maybe more people should vote next year?  You are one election away from Black Lives Matter and socialists controlling local government.

The radicals are planning this for tomorrow:

call in

call in 2

Black Lives Matter and the Democrats Socialist are willing to jeopardize your safety to get their buddies out of jail.

First, they plan to tie up phone lines making them unavailable for real public safety.  Second, they want potentially violent offenders released back into society.  

Here’s an example of compliance with their demands:


Chicago saw an increase in violent crime after “bail reform”:


Guess who is on their side?

dickie durbin

Too late for who Dick?  Who is going to make sure these convicted individuals stay in their homes?

It’s almost like elected officials enjoy chaos so they can ride in on the white horse they bought with our money.

9 thoughts on “Local radicals not letting a good crisis go to waste!

  1. What the heck have you been doing through out this crisis? Spreading misinformation about COV-19 with epic ignorance. From insisting that it’s hoax to mischaracterizing and lying about local response to the crisis. Nothing is too crass for you to lie and lie about in gigantic proportions. You also have brought forth ugly racism and xenophobia in this blog. How many Asian Americans have been attacked because of your racism? You have repeatedly gone off the rails with you’re inability to understand this is a crisis. That you, like our president have lied about COV-19 to suit you own selfish need to spew propaganda of the alt-right. The fact that the pandemic has not even reached its peak totally escapes you. If and when we get through this public health crisis, it won’t be because of you, it will be because people like you were ignored and marginalized.


    1. What we have is a difference of opinion on how problems get solved. You think government is capable of taking care of people. I believe they aren’t. Your accusations are unfounded, it’s radicals like you who are marginalized because thinking people know socialism has never produced the desired results. People die when government is given power. It is why America has succeeded beyond any country in history and why real history is not longer taught. The truth hurts your efforts.

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  2. Crabill basically lied about why he was running for council. He said his main concerns were growing a economic base of local businesses and fixing needed infrastructure. The only thing he has done on council is promote far left initiatives. Another out-of-town carpetbagger with plenty of political baggage to hide. Would love to get a transcript of his SF interview and all the hot air contained in that interview.

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  3. I am truly sorry for what my twin said earlier today. It’s not the meds fault, it’s just the,,,well,,,lack of meds. We’ve (actually, me, myself alone) have always been this way. In real life I’m logical that the leftist loony tunes self of me is not but it just gives me something to do since the library caught me taking advantage of them and dismissed me. Anyway when my alter ego is in charge, I will try to avoid this site in the future.

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  4. Craybill AND Jenn would be GREAT candidates for the KGB, but unfortunately, their IQ is substandard for being in that organization, that and they just do NOT play well with ANYONE!
    BOTH would have better realized talents working as playground guards at the YWCA were they ALL are EQUAL.


  5. Great idea! Let all the murderers , rapists and pedaphiles out in a time where people are losing their second amendment rights! Close the gun stores but open the jail cells! Turn Illinois into NYC in one fell swoop. Oh,wait a minute , Illinois IS already like NYC!

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