One more on Normal’s “Emergency Powers”

By:  Diane Benjamin

The ordinance Normal passed last Monday did this:  PDF page 5

emergency declaration

Now jump to the Town Code – PDF page 10:—Miscellaneous?bidId=

after proclamation

Put the two together.  Normal declared a local emergency as required by City Code.   That proclamation gave the Mayor the authority to enact 1 through 4 if he chooses.  See section D.  Without input of the Council, whatever action the Mayor takes can be in effect for 48 hrs + 48 hrs + 48 hrs = 144 hours (6 days).  Koos stated at the meeting whatever executive order he does would only be in effect for 48 hours.  He left the rest out.

Anybody think this Council wouldn’t extend the time?

At the meeting Kevin McCarthy read 21 emailed public comments.  I FOIA’d copies, thanks to Normal for not taking 5 days to answer.  19 of the comments were against the ordinance, 1 expected the Town to do things like “designate a substantial amount of money” for housing, health, and direct assistance.

Only 1 supported the ordinance as written – Dave Shields, failed candidate for Trustee:

dave shields

You voted right Normal.

Did Kevin McCarthy, Chris Koos, and Pam Reece know that removing Section 11 from the ordinance was completely meaningless?  Koos doesn’t need it to enact any of the above,  he needs to make that clear at the next meeting.

9 thoughts on “One more on Normal’s “Emergency Powers”

  1. It’s clear both Normal and Bloomington are ignoring the “Elephant in the Room”: The economic catastrophe looming in the near future. That’s the hard part to acknowledge and deal with. All this proclamation-making is easy and makes them feel like they’re actually doing something, but they’re not.
    It’s like watching a train crash…you can’t look away!

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    1. I’m afraid Cavewoman, that Koos and her majesty Queen Pamela will use the special power they were granted Monday night to “fix” the broken local economy as they see fit. What’s to stop them from invoking their emergency powers to give economic incentives at their own discretion to those who request them? Absolutely nothing! They can get a lot done in 48 hours and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they’ve got their priority list already in place. I seriously doubt any of it has anything to do with public health and safety.

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  2. The phony one-dimensional local economy in Normal is about to get exposed. The “cure” i.e. Koos’ emergency powers will be worse than the disease i.e. the weak fundamentals of the floundering local economy. Maybe Koos can order Rivian back to the plant to make ventilators or other emergency equipment (or at least drawings and scale models).

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  3. I liked the story today about I believe Blue Island Illinois (if not that city another Chicago suburb). The mayor was stripped of his emergency powers by the council after abusive use. They then gave the powers to the chief of police and fire chief. Of course we do not have a council currently that would do this but we can always hope for the future.

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  4. No one would trust any single person with absolute power, Republican, Democrat or other. Many Americans gave their lives to ensure governing power is shared by a group. I am appalled Normal gave one person carte blanche authority. There was no need to give anyone those powers. Checks and balances are immaterial now. Representatives have become meaningless. All power is in the hands of one person now.

    It was greed for power that made this insulting decision.

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      1. ’69 About the same time that Illinois constitution was rewritten. We know how it continues to come back and haunt with it’s pension clause.
        I also want to note some local TV stations are no longer caring JB’s propaganda speech at 2:30pm (WAND Decatur). Hats off to them.

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