Normal scammed it’s citizens

Followup story: By:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Town Council rushed through an emergency ordinance.  One section was very problematic for citizens.  See details in this story: The offending section, granting emergency powers to only Koos and Reece, was rapidly removed from the ordinance when suggested by Chris Koos and immediately amended by Kevin […]

One more on Normal’s “Emergency Powers”

By:  Diane Benjamin The ordinance Normal passed last Monday did this:  PDF page 5 Now jump to the Town Code – PDF page 10:—Miscellaneous?bidId= Put the two together.  Normal declared a local emergency as required by City Code.   That proclamation gave the Mayor the authority to enact 1 through 4 if he chooses.  […]

Media missed it, did you?

By:  Diane Benjamin Both Bloomington and Normal held meetings last night.  Both attempted to use “conferencing”.   Some elected officials were in the council chambers, others were on the phone or computer. Both attempts proved government incompetence. Government should be the very best possible performing essential services.  When government expands their role “for the people” it […]

Spending Spree!

By:  Diane Benjamin Maybe the below will tell you why the public is encouraged to watch this meeting on-line instead of showing up.  In an “emergency”, keep citizens from speaking. WEEK is the only media I’ve seen saying the virus has likely been here for some time: Packet for Bloomington Monday night: Hey […]

Bloomington’s Emergency Ordinance

By:  Diane Benjamin Correction:  “firearms” is mentioned on pdf page 343 7.3a.7 No surprise, it wasn’t posted until around 5:00 pm. PDF page 335 This is mostly a re-write of the City Code and has Jeff Jurgens’ legalise all over it. The words ammunition and gun are NOT in it, unlike Champaign.   This statement […]

Chenoa: You need to show up

By:  Diane Benjamin Since no documentation is available for today’s “special” City Council meeting, citizens need to show up.  Rights are lost when government acts without witnesses present. TODAY: Since the meeting is being held at the VFW Post, hopefully attacking the 2nd Amendment isn’t part of their plans.