Normal: Amended Ordinance passed anybody know how to use technology?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I have no idea who is in the Council Chambers because the Town is not using regular video.  I do know some of the Trustees are on the phone, it appears they are trying to use video conferencing.  The sound eventually got better and then worse again..

Kevin McCarthy read many public comments.  Of course he didn’t read them with the same intensity as they were written.  Almost all of them were against passing what Koos and company proposed.  He read one not germane to the agenda, BLM wants criminals released.  The local radicals have no idea COURTS have the power to release people.  The Council, Trustees, and the Sheriff do not.

Chris Koos was not in the chambers, according to McCarthy because of his recent cancer treatments.  Funny, he was there last week with no attempt to protect himself.

Koos claimed he was in Vietnam to protect rights, he claims the ordinance is to protect the citizens of Normal.  Of course everyone opposed is wrong.  McCarthy claimed the same because of the “emergency”.

McCarthy proposed an amendment striking Section 11.  He claims the ordinance is so the Town can act quickly.  Stan Nord and Scott Preston supported striking Section 11.

Koos just cut off comments about the ordinance until the amendment removing Section 11 passed.   It passed unanimously.  This is gone:


Of course it is still in the City Code so removing it from the ordinance really doesn’t matter.

I will add the video when it’s available so you can hear all the remarks after Section 11 was removed.  The amended ordinance passed unanimously.

Meanwhile, doctors in McLean County need to use the malaria drug.  This is just one story of how it cures:








14 thoughts on “Normal: Amended Ordinance passed anybody know how to use technology?

  1. 1) These people want us to accept the turning over of our daily lives (by restrictive rules) to them. But they seem unable to do daily things such as host an internet video conference so the people can easily hear and see them. Bad, bad idea.
    2) A suggestion to BLM and other such organizations running around with their hands out wanting money to support things that has nothing to do with the Chinese flu. Take that war chest you have been collecting to spring criminals out for mother’s day and use it to help your fellow legal neighbors that are currently not working due to the Chinese flu.. That is if you actually know any true contributors to society.

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  2. All that drama then they unanimously removed the offensive part? I think they were just playing us so we would tune in. Fear sells and the milked us. This was a move to get attention and feed egos. That crap should have been dealt with well before it saw the light of a public council meeting.


  3. If Koos or Pam attempt to use the powers after all the drama and specific talk to remove them from being approved their will be riots. That would be taken as flat out lying and deception to the council and the people. Not that I trust Koos but an act like this would decimate any remaining public trust.

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    1. Under normal circumstances but BN is full of weak-minded people that can barely function day-to-day without use of a stimulant or some type of drug. It is the perfect population to lead around by a leash. Those who are true individualists would ignore the ruling and do what they would have to do to take care of themselves. If a cop knocked on a door around here and wanted to requisition your personal property for the government, a majority would hand it over without a fight, especially under the guise of a trumped up emergency. Four years and counting to perdition.


  4. They really overstepped their bounds and seriously underestimated the will of the people of Normal. Limiting public comments to email, people came out of the woodwork outraged, except for Dave Shields and BLM. It was funny listening to Mccarthy having to read them. If this was his trial run as mayor I think it backfired on them. He’s worse than Koos.

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  5. Yes…take the President’s drug advice. Don’t listen to Dr Fauci. Ask the couple in Arizona how well it worked for them.


      1. And you should check your facts. Hydroxychloroquine has many side effects including fatal heart arrhythmias, especially in people with underlying heart disease. This fatal side is made worst with addition of azithromycine The medication can slow the conduction of electrical messages in the heart and put someone into a fatal heart attack. The addition of an antibiotic makes no sense, since COV-19 is a virus not a bacterial infection. Just because there have been anecdotal stories of these two medications working, it doesn’t mean they should be used. In may cases there are better drugs that are being used including anti-viral drugs like Remdesivir. According to the NIH There are no specific therapeutics approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat people with COVID-19. Anecdotal stories of drugs working is not science, it’s irresponsible to tell people to use these drugs.


  6. Dave Shields actually advocated publicly to give marshal law power to Koos. We dodged a bullet with him loosing the election. People should take note what he thinks about their freedoms.

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  7. The vast majority of Vietnam Veterans, particularly combat veterans, do not wear their service on their sleeves. And don’t have much respect for those that do.

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    1. I am sure if Koos was involved in any type of combat situation, you would know it by now. Just like another local union leader that always bragged about his Viet Nam service only to find out he was a supply sergeant far away from any combat zone.

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