Normal scammed it’s citizens

Followup story:

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Normal Town Council rushed through an emergency ordinance.  One section was very problematic for citizens.  See details in this story:

The offending section, granting emergency powers to only Koos and Reece, was rapidly removed from the ordinance when suggested by Chris Koos and immediately amended by Kevin McCarthy.  It happened too fast not to be a setup.

I’m doing this story just to make clear what happened.  The Mayor and City Manager still have the power to ban alcohol sales, close gun shops, etc without the approval of the Town Council.  Those powers were already in the Town Code.

When Stan Nord realized what happened he attempted to get the Council to amend the ordinance or at least state for the record Koos and crew could not use those powers without Council approval  So far your other elected representatives have refused.

Nord’s email spells out why that’s a problem.  The ordinance passed on March 23rd.  (received by FOIA)

Stan ordiance

9 thoughts on “Normal scammed it’s citizens

  1. Having made persistent efforts to work with elected local and state leaders solve problems in our community and promote/attract business for the last 20 years, I have to say it’s been a mostly futile effort to penetrate a carefully constructed rubber wall. One good thing that has come of it are my plans to leave this all behind and setup “shop” in another state. Truly (and sadly) it is such a liberating feeling. For those who remain, I can only hope that they rally behind and around the leadership and responsibility that Stan Nord brings. Stan is an approachable person citizens can relate to and trust. His heart is in doing right for his community, including those whose opinions may differ from his own. Perhaps other like minded and like-hearted leaders will join him, and perhaps even voter apathy can become a casualty of efforts toward continuous improvement.

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    1. Sounds familiar. Just waiting for my spouse to retire and we are gone. My kids are elsewhere and happy and frankly, that is all that matters to us. I resigned long ago that this state and community are lost causes. I will sell my house at a loss just to get out of here. Indiana or rural Minnesota are likely landing spots and I can’t wait. The local Elitist Clique names change through the years but the results are always the same. This area will continue to digress because it will be increasingly populated by non-native retreads from other communities that are basically void of useful talents and lacking in ambition.


  2. Y’all can join a whole bunch of us former Illinois residents in the great state of Texas. We need some more good conservative people to move in to balance the voting illegals and the progressives from California who are trying to turn Texas into what they just ran away from.

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  3. Looks like the council was “scammed” by its own “professional staff”. Ronald Regan talked about the problem of permanent government staff really determining policy over the elected officials. This is what happens when we run and elect people who have no backbone and are running to build their resume and using positions as stepping stones.

    Regan’s specific reference starts at 1:30. The whole interview is very relatable to today as well.

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