Update: More on the Normal Ordinance Scam

Two emails have been added to the bottom.  I’m all the way to page 314 of 924!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m paging through 924 pages received by FOIA, I’m up to page 187.  When I see something citizens need to know I do a story.  What I received belongs to citizens, you paid for them with taxes.

Followup to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/04/15/normal-scammed-its-citizens/

The Emergency Ordinance was passed at a special meeting on March 23rd.  As previously reported, the section that offended many citizens was quickly removed from the ordinance with a motion by Kevin McCarthy after Chris Koos suggested it.

What at least some on the Council didn’t realize was the offending language was still in the Municipal Code which gave Koos extraordinary powers without Council input.

This email was written by Pam Reece the day after that meeting:  Reece email 3-24-2020

Below is an except:

nord request 1nord request 2

Since nothing appeared on the April 6th agenda to curb Koos’ power in emergency decisions, the majority of the Council did not want to.  Any emails to Koos were not included in the FOIA I received.

In case you forgot – this is the offensive part of the Municipal Code 25.2-12:

propblem code


  • The emergency ordinance was passed removing reference to the above section
  • The public was left with the impression removing that reference removed the powers, it didn’t
  • There is no reason to believe Koos and Reece were not aware of the above when it passed, McCarthy might have known too since he quickly made the motion to delete the reference
  • When asked to amend the stated powers by Stan Nord, the majority of the Council refused.

If Koos decided to use his power, the good thing is his proclamations should only last 6 days.  Illinois law states Gov Pritzker’s proclamations are only good for 30 days.  The first on expired on April 8th.  On April 1st he just issued a new one.  Laws and Code must be immaterial in Illinois.  Watch him issue another one soon.

Citizens deserve answers.  Good luck with that one.

Town attorney knew the truth:

corporate knew

So did Pam Reece:

pam knew







7 thoughts on “Update: More on the Normal Ordinance Scam

  1. “Let’s wait and delay action until it’s no longer relevant and people will forget about it after the fact.”

    The ordinance is largely useless anyway. Exercising any of the listed powers unnecessarily would be tyranny. If things get worse enough that people are making or distributing Molotov cocktails, or citizens feel it is necessary to distribute guns and/or ammo, Koos should have much bigger concerns than whether he’s authorized to unilaterally make a proclamation prohibiting it.

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  2. Time for Illinois citizens to get off the couch and head to Springfield or Chicago or wherever the gov is . In this situation I paraphrase Star Wars “The more you tighten your grip the more the people will be ticked off !”
    Dictators and subjugators do not last long .History has proved that! Look at what the people did to Mussolini back in WWII. Look what happened to Louise the 14th.

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