UPDATE: “Labor” Picks Socialists for Bloomington

See who was endorsed in the last local election: https://web.archive.org/web/20190710062621/http:/www.bntrades.org/?zone=/unionactive/view_article.cfm&HomeID=736543

Hint: Jenn Carrillo, Jeff Crabill, Kathleen Lorenz, RC McBride, . . . .

By: Diane Benjamin

The picks below were made by Bloomington-Normal Trades and Labor. Some of their picks make ALL of their candidates suspect:

To that end we ask our members and the general public cast a ballot for the following candidates, donate to their campaigns, & volunteer to help Get Out The Vote leading up to the April 6th election:

Bloomington Mayor: Jaclyn “Jackie” Gunderson

Normal Mayor: Chris Koos

Bloomington Ward 1: Jamie Mathy (unopposed)

Bloomington Ward 3: Willie Holton Halbert

Bloomington Ward 5: Patrick Lawler

Bloomington Ward 7: Mary “Mollie” Ward Also Feb 23 Ward 7 primary

Bloomington Ward 9: Tom Crumpler

Normal Town Council (in no particular order): Kevin McCarthy, Brad McMillan, and Chemberly Cummings

Normal Township Supervisor: Sarah Grammer

Normal Township Clerk: Pat Turner

Normal Township Trustees: Arlene Hosea, Dayna Schickedanz, Sally Pyne, Mary Wurhmann

Heartland Board of Trustees: Catrina Parker & Joshua Crockett

Furthermore, in our endorsements for local school boards, we’d like to thank the IL Education Association for their input regarding the following School Board candidates we endorse:

District 87: Brigette Beasley Gibson, Chuck Irwin, & Elizabeth Fox Anvick

Unit 5: Kentrica Coleman, Stan Gozur, & Ericka Ralston

Bloomington-Normal Trades and Labor Assembly is committed to advocating on the issues of most importance to our nearly 4,000 AFL-CIO members in our region which includes economic and civic justice, & political priorities that reflect the Common Good.

See the documentation here: http://www.bntrades.org/?zone=/unionactive/view_article.cfm&HomeID=844046

Gunderson, Halbert and Lawler admit to being socialists. Some of the others might too. Consider this list as the “Who’s Who” of people not to vote for. Trades and Labor want government to provide jobs with more taxpayer fleece building projects.

Nothing better than buying people to give you work, the private sector isn’t keeping them busy enough and won’t until government quits taking more and more from the people not living off government.

Funny how they endorsed Koos, but not the guy who helped him get elected last time: Straza.





8 thoughts on “UPDATE: “Labor” Picks Socialists for Bloomington

  1. Maybe local union members should think twice about who their management tells them to vote for. It didn’t go so well for union members when they voted for Biden and now fracking is to be stopped, the pipeline is stopped and coal is going to be diminished. All within 30 days of false election.

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  2. One must remember that the labor union movement was started by socialists and communists hoping the workers would someday take over the operations and nationalize them in opposition to private control. Many in the local operation entered the structure under this mindset including Ronn Morehead, Mike Matekja and the Penn Family. These guys have always run their operations akin to the Mafia doling out rewards for those that follow their orders to punishments for those that don’t. It is also why they seek to be on every board they can that involves both cities and county. It also allows them to put acquaintances and relatives in jobs they are not qualified or prepared for and buys influence when new projects are on the horizon. It is truly that underhanded.

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  3. Hilarious that you think this guy Lawler is a socialist. Visit some socialist countries and you’ll realized he is far from one. Looking forward to your daily post about socialism in Bloomington.


  4. These people are COMMUNISTS.
    Bolshevik, dyed-in-the-wool, violent, sadistic, COMMUNISTS. Also SATANISTS.
    Please refrain from using the word “socialist” which is a deceptive term for their true intentions.
    Only stupid people fall into the trap of believing that their agenda has anything whatsoever to do with “worker” rights.
    The people of Russia fell for it in 1916-17 and 60+ million people later tortured, executed, starved.
    What are their intentions? The destruction of the United States – economically, morally, religion, individual rights, everything.
    Their agenda has positively nothing social about it.
    Read your history.
    Wake up.

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    1. “Only stupid people fall into the trap of believing that their agenda has anything whatsoever to do with “worker” rights.” – yep it’s always been one of the tricks, and they rely on people being stupid, and they praise the stupid and call them forward thinking, brilliant and aware, oh and of course victims that “They” will help. The same tricks are as old as Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Engels, Castro, Mao, etc etc, they just revamp them a little and repackage them for the next “audience” it amazes me how well they still work, but then we come back to the stupid part, which is simply ignorance. Like in A Christmas Carol – “This boy is ignorance and this girl is want, fear this boy most for he is the cause of the other”


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