Trust Renner? Bloomington Monday

By: Diane Benjamin

On Monday’s agenda:

Renner won’t be Mayor in just over 3 months. Why is he trying to enshrine Gleason until 2025?

If the socialists take over the Council April 6th Tim won’t be nearly radical enough for them. I’m sure Gleason has a huge buyout in his contract to leave, David Hales had 6 months paid to walk away plus benefits.

The socialist gang won’t care about the cost so they can install a more compliant guy, likely from Chicago.

Regardless, shouldn’t the next Council and Mayor decide if Tim hangs around until 2025? He needs to be guaranteed a job until he decides to retire?

Renner already has many radicals installed on boards and commissions that will take years to weed. He shouldn’t be allowed to pick a long term City Manager too.

The rest of the agenda looks pretty boring, somebody will twist an item into controversy however.






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