Alderman Painter needs to explain herself!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Can an elected official say anything they want on emails to citizens?  Can they present as facts anything they want the facts to be?

Sorry Joni.

See this post from Monday:

Alderman Painter claims the Coliseum Contract on my site is NOT the current contract.  She also claims 4 changes to the contract.  Since the information I received under the Freedom of Information Act doesn’t support what she wrote to a citizen, I attempted to find out from the City of Bloomington what she is talking about.

Yesterday I sent this FOIA request to the City:

In an email to a citizen, Alderman Painter stated that she downloaded the CIAM contract from and then found it to be totally incorrect when she went to a meeting:

I don’t read Diane’s website any more because I have found it to be riddled with errors. When I first got on City Council I read it because I thought she had already done my homework for me. Before a meeting with CIAM management I downloaded and printed 30 some odd pages of the “CIAM contract.” When I got into the meeting I discovered to my horror that the contract I had in my hands was totally different from the actual contract in force at the time.

I am requesting whatever document was given to her as the correct contract.  Also, Painter stated in another email to the same citizen:

There have actually been about four iterations of the contract for the Coliseum

I am also requesting what she considers “four iterations”.

My FOIA was sent at 1:16pm.  The City of Bloomington NEVER responds to a FOIA request on the same day, but for this one they did.  I received a denial at 4:41.  Here’s the excuse:

A specific public record/file was not requested. The City cannot guess to ‘whatever document’, if one was provided, was given to a person. Nor can the City guess to which contract is being referred to by the phrase “There have actually been about four iterations of the contract for the Coliseum”.

Did the City ask Alderman Painter?  Joni claims to have had a contract in her hands that doesn’t match the one on my site.  That means whatever she had in her hands IS A PUBLIC DOCUMENT and subject to FOIA.

Did you notice the denial says “if one was provided”?  What are they trying to say?

Since the Coliseum contract with CIAM is currently being renegotiated with NO signs it is being put out of bid, the City should know what documents were given to members of the Council.  (Unless there really weren’t any)

The original 10 year contract was never put out for bid.  The contract heavily favors CIAM, not citizens.  It does say CIAM has the first right of refusal on a new contract.  It does NOT say to what contract.

If the City really cared about citizens, the contract would be put out for bid.  CIAM can still have first right of refusal.  As I’ve frequently written, there is plenty of evidence to cancel the contract for violating management and financial reporting clauses.

Alderman Painter needs to produce the documents she claims make me a liar.

The City needs to explain why the contract has not been put out for bid.  Yes, others ARE interested in managing the Coliseum and YES I can prove it.

The first court date on my lawsuit is Monday.  I sued to obtain documents the City refuses to review.

Maybe a libel suit should be next.

Since the audited financial statements have still not been released – 6 months after the year-end – citizens don’t know how much the Coliseum REALLY lost.




9 thoughts on “Alderman Painter needs to explain herself!

  1. The CIAM contract says whatever David Hales wants it to say. Joni Painter had the correct contract this site. It’s just easier to accuse Blnnews of having the wrong contract than it is to face the truth. When truth collides with their utopian vision for the city, they lie. I’ve faced this time and again with Mayor Renner. You can have it in black and white right before him and he’ll spin the truth and try to make you look like an idiot. The guy has a PhD in politics and he knows how to use it.


  2. Alderwoman Painter has complained about the cost of FOIA requests. Instead of doing her own homework, she now blames the person she copied from. Instead of holding CIAM accountable, the City will build a boutique hotel to make the Coliseum profitable. This is insanity!! Reminds me of the tiger in the children’s book, “Little Black Sambo.”


  3. C’mon folks do you REALLY think that “Joni” is capable of coming up with a “spin” like this?? IF you meet her, it shouldn’t take a nanosecond to figure out she’s being ” spun” by Tari, Nora, David, etc, as she seems incapable of anything more then teaching kindergarten!


    1. Yeah. Didn’t think that one through did you? Word of advice: questioning someone’s intelligence by using another profession as an analogy will insult someone 99.9% of the time.


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