Ward 5 – they are coming for you next

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local elections next year could give the radicals complete control of Bloomington.  Right now they have 2 out of 9 seats, 5  and the mayor up for election next April.  The radicals will be running candidates, all they need is 3 more seats to turn the Bloomington into their Marxist utopia.

Their crowd isn’t happy with an interview of alderman Joni Painter on WGLT.  https://www.wglt.org/post/bloomington-council-member-raises-concerns-about-blm-s-demands-approach


painter quote

Response from Olivia Butts – BLM:

painter quote 2

(I wonder how she explains successful blacks?)

The article hacked off the far left:

Ward 5

Maybe Jenn can con people with candy bars again.  It worked for her!

All the odd numbered Wards are up for election.   If you:

  • Don’t bother to vote
  • Don’t get your neighbors to vote
  • Don’t pay attention to issues
  • Don’t bother to run for office


You too can have no voice on the Council – just like Wards 6 and 8.

Of course you won’t have police either.

Where did all this start?  These leftists are Tari’s people, he has just lost control of them now.



11 thoughts on “Ward 5 – they are coming for you next

  1. Yep, they will destroy Renner as they have learned from his like tactics. Deceive to achieve. The demonrats thought they had a handle but don’t. They were played! Renner and Koos are nothing but stupid old white men in their eyes of which can’t say I disagree with that. AND those of us who are still patriots to this country are just about ready to hand out some spankings and put the children to bed.

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  2. You will know in April how many people in Bloomington care about their future here. Based on past performances, I am not expecting much. The local Soviets have had their eye on turning our area socialist for quite awhile. They want the area totally represented by like-minded evil at the local, state and national level and have made inroads in doing so because they know the community is now made up of out-of-town retreads with no real loyalty to it. They will run someone in every election on every level. To have a real choice, conservatives the likes of Stan Nord need to run in every election as well. People like Painter are still lifelong bleeding heart liberals who position themselves as an alternative to the radical left but still believe in most of the policy. What you get is the same minus the daily radical diatribes. Don’t be surprised if Joni runs for mayor. If she would run and win, you would still have a liberal sitting in the mayor’s chair. Better than Tari but not by much.


  3. Yeah looking at that picture with Karen Schmidt in the background with her red IL Peoples Action t-shirt on is the perfect example of a happy liberal that got chewed up and spit out.

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    1. This is not Karen Schmidt in the picture and she is not an IPA member. I always check , facts are facts, I talked to her directly. not her.

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  4. Not
    I don’t care for Johnee and her 30 mph Hershey road “achievement” but I’ll be a SERIOUS activist if the “Socialist Democrats” try and take over my area!

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    1. You need to be a serious activist regardless. Your ward might elect your neighborhood version of Stan, and kudos to you. But if Bloomington then implements every possible destructive policy on an 8-1 or even 6-3 vote, you’re still hosed. Similarly, if bad policies in Normal, McLean County, or IL result in go-along-to-get-along policies in Bloomington, you’re still headed in the wrong direction.

      1) Find and support good candidates. Monetary contributions, putting up a yard sign, distributing literature, making phone calls, or even just telling your friends and associates about good candidates and that they Need their votes are all helpful and Greatly appreciated.
      2) Can’t find a good candidate running? Recruit one! And the more support you can promise them, whether from you or others, the more likely they are to agree to put themselves out there.
      3) Can’t find a good candidate to recruit? Become one! That’s what happened with me. So many other people were complaining about the shady dealings of Normal government, I couldn’t wait to ‘be a Serious activist’. But there was only one really good candidate, and I found out later also one ‘definitely better than the rest of the field’, for three open slots so I stepped up.

      ‘All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.’

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  5. Well then excuuuu-use me, lol. She got a sister? Sure looked like her to me although I haven’t seen Karen for awhile. Perhaps I need new glasses. Still though, Karen did get chewed up and spent out by the lunatic lib bunch. God Bless America!


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